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bolty 09-14-2006 07:46 AM

Bolty's other fish
4x angles

7x rainbow fish (blue)

4x silver D's

1x pair chocolate cic

2x salvini

7x orange guppys

dprUsh83 09-14-2006 09:07 AM

:nicefish: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

Lupin 09-21-2006 03:48 AM

And nobody else commented Shane's fish besides dprUsh83.:blink:

My comments:
Nice fish.:thumbsup:
I adore your angelfish.:love:

bolty 09-21-2006 03:51 AM

There you go people (And B :lol: )

what type af angle is this little guy?
the 1 in the back.

Lupin 09-21-2006 03:55 AM

Looks like a scalare angelfish var. "zebra angelfish".
How much did you pay for him?:squint:

bolty 09-21-2006 04:00 AM

i got him from Porton Aqu £5

*some more pics in a sec*

bolty 09-21-2006 04:07 AM

the Dimidiochromis compressiceps (Malawi Eye Biter) are in there (the comunity tank that is) till aggro my midas goes, he is going this saturday coz of what he did to my pim catfish.

the life of my cat fish


to this
to this :cry:

Lupin 09-21-2006 04:11 AM

Shane, I have your pics verified to another person and she said your angelfish look more like Silver Pearl Angelfish.
If it were Leopoldi, in my guess, it could cost you already by £15-20. Altums will cost you £22-36. Very expensive fish.

Nice fish though.:thumbsup:

bolty 09-21-2006 04:12 AM

Thanks 4 that B. :wink:

Lupin 09-21-2006 04:36 AM

Hi Shane,
Pls read previous post above.:D

I still adore your angelfish. :love:
You know I tend to fall in love with Amazon cichlids(with the exception of Oscars :mrgreen: ).

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