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dorabaker 07-21-2010 04:26 AM

ickaway expiry?
I have some Wardley Ickaway which i must have bought about 3 years ago. it doesn't have an expiry date. can anyone tell me if it would still work? i'm a bit worried about on of my corys and i'd feel better once i'd treated the tank with something. the only other med i have is melafix which i think isn't safe for corys? i've used the ickaway before with corys (half dose i think) and it worked fine.

kitten_penang 07-21-2010 07:09 AM

wth most chemical stuff they lose efficiency after 2 years.i'm not sure about ickaway

dorabaker 07-21-2010 07:16 AM

ok. catfish is scratching his gills and quivering and yawning a lot, makes me think maybe gill flukes? how do u cure that?

kitten_penang 07-21-2010 07:44 AM

most of he time there's anti flukes meds that contain potassium permanganate. try that =)

dorabaker 07-21-2010 08:04 AM

ok i will look for that...if my mum will take me to the fish store :-?

kitten_penang 07-21-2010 08:10 AM


dorabaker 07-21-2010 08:18 AM

i know right? :|
hmm i was just looking up gill flukes treatments and read somewhere you could use a malachite green/formalin combination. in fact it said that was better than pp. and i think its easy to get, lots of things have malachite green and formalin, actually it think that may be what is in my ickaway, not sure though, i'll have to check.
these flukes sound like a pain :-( i think thats what my angel and barb had too, exactly the same symptoms..why did i not think of it before? well angel is still alive so i could still maybe cure him if i get the treatment in time.
thanks for your help :)

kitten_penang 07-21-2010 09:48 AM

dora i tried malafix on mine they seem to be getting better with constant water changes an added aeration.not sure cory like melafix though

dorabaker 07-21-2010 08:41 PM

yeah i tried treating the angel with melafix, for a week...seemed to help a little bit then the day before i was due to stop he suddenly went downhill..and i think the corys are very sensitive to everything :S

kitten_penang 07-22-2010 10:17 AM

especially salt it seems

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