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Richardo 07-17-2010 10:06 AM

Female Betta sick, fungal/parasites
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Hello, following on from the title I would appreciate any input from members about my problem.
I have listed details about my setup just below as requested, My Betta's ailment follows further below.

I've had my betta for about a month now, one of a group of seven females purchased together which I keep with platies and mollies in a 250 gallon tank. I have a rather high PH of 8 but all of my fish seem very happy with no aggression and the bettas are the best of friends with no apparent hierarchy. I change about half the water weekly 20% odd at a time. I feed them all tetramin flakes. Temp of 27 degrees.

About a week and a half ago I noticed some white stuff sticking out of 'Davina's' gill but I took no action as I thought that It might be some plant matter stuck in it. I also though that whatever It was, It would go away If I ignored It, something I am very guilty about, but she seemed her usual self at the time. I have been keeping fish for only the past three months.

Last weekend she went rapidly downhill, lying immobile in a dark corner so on monday I isolated her in a bowl and got hold of fungus/finrot/ bacterial infection medicine (called dsha 2000) and began treating her.I worked out about three quarters of a drop to her 2 litre bowl daily with water changes. She had developed a swelling to one side of her head and gills but this has since subsided and there is now just a whiteish cottony spot at the side of her head which I have taken a (not great) picture of. She hasn't eaten all week and spends most of the time immobile, but seems to be able to swim quite well when coming up for air. She has white stringy looking poo which hangs off her and which when I grabbed, she could not swim away as It would not break off. I'm not sure If she's improving or not, but her colours are vibrant and her bodily symptoms at least are a good bit better than last week, so I would welcome fellow animal lovers advice on what I should do or what the chances of recovery are, and indeed what specifically is wrong with her.
I have clove oil in case It turns out to be the kindest option.


honzicek 07-17-2010 10:43 AM

go to petco and buy PIMAFIX (API)

dorabaker 07-20-2010 06:14 AM

i always thought that white stringy poo indicated an intestinal infection? i'm not sure though :-?
i hope she gets better.

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