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thatg33kgirl 07-16-2010 02:55 PM

Funny tank story- share yours!!!
So, everyone loves a good funny story. At least, I do lol.

The background to the story is I am setting up my first marine tank, its 12 gallons, and a few days ago I noticed I had a little tiny hairy crab living in my live rock. Since I don't really want him in there once I get fish, and I know someone at the LFS that wants him, I figured I would capture him and give him to the fish store guy.

So last night, I decided to try a new method to catch the crab. I took a shot glass, soaked some pellet fish food in water, then used a turkey baster and put the food in the glass. I then turned off the lights on the tank and read a book in another room.

I checked back on the tank a bit later, and noticed that one of my hermit crabs, who has a circular shell, had fallen into the trap to get the food and was turtled on his back with the food still surrounding him. (I imagined him saying "a little help here?? I umm, just wanted a little snack!") Happy that I at least caught something, I left him in there so when the boyfriend got home I could show him my trap worked.

I went back to reading.

I checked back a bit later, and who do I see coming OUT of the shot glass than everyone's favorite, One Antler Snail (who is btw a Nassarius snail). And all the food was gone, and the hermit was still stuck on his back. So, the snail had crawled down into the glass, had eaten the food, and crawled back out to leave the hermit stuck and without the food.

Owned, hermit crab. Owned. LOL

kitten_penang 07-17-2010 06:11 AM

last night i was watching my baby plecos feeding on algae pellets and then it began. one had started to flare his dorsal fin and the other followed. soon the were side swiping one another with their body and tails to see who s more dominant in the middle of the fight my dog came up to the tank and started to scratch it at the spot where they were no time both disappeared with a minor heart attack i think =p

thatg33kgirl 07-18-2010 02:04 PM

LOL I never knew Plecos could be aggressive!

Keep the funny coming!

iamntbatman 07-19-2010 04:09 AM

One thing that consistently amuses me is the behavior of my male guppies. They're always showing off for the females by swimming into their fields of vision, curving their bodies toward the females and vibrating to show off their colors. However, I've never once seen a female guppy react in a positive manner ("Sure! Let's mate!"). Instead, they always either completely ignore the males or chase them off. I sort of get the impression that no guppy breeding is ever the result of a mutual decision, haha.

Tyyrlym 07-21-2010 03:30 PM

Three stories.

First was my first betta, Shark, the worlds most frustrated betta. Shark was a good fish, behaved, never really caused me problems or concern. The problem was that no one in his tank respected him. Not the otto, not the shrimp, not the rasboras. I cannot tell you the number of times he'd swim up to another member of the tank and flare up at them. No one ever paid him any mind. You could almost hear them say, "Yeah, whatever. Not like you ever do anything about it." I know it's just me but I swear he just looked so aggravated that no one in the tank took him seriously.

Second is my RTBS Mekong. She's my pride and joy and the fish that was always my goal when I got a tank. Months before I got her I had even made her a cave to live in. My wife just smiled and nodded when I finally got her, Mekong, and she picked out the cave I'd made for her as "hers." Well I got her when she was a scrawny little 2" fry and she's grown a lot. So I got it in my head one day that her cave was getting small. So I took the roof off, dug it out to make more space and then fixed everything back. Problem solved right? Well a week later I'm getting ready to clean the tank and I notice that Mekong's cave is full again. She's crammed in their tight. So I dig it out again. Well, it happens again the next week and I'm getting bent out of shape. Then one night I'm up late and I walk by the tank. It was Mekong. She was busy swimming out, picking up a mouthful of sand and then swimming into the cave and dumping it. She was the one filling her cave back up and she didn't stop until she could only wedge herself into the cave with her dorsal bent over and her cubby little butt crammed in their like it was a telephone booth. My wife teased me that all the times she'd come to the glass and look at me after that were her screaming at me to stop making more work for her by messing up her cave.

Last one, and this is more me than the tank. I was cleaning my tank and I had to move some stuff and disturbed Mekong. I didn't think anything of it until she started to freak out. I dunno why, still don't. She bolted around the tank and at the finale managed to bash her nose into the tank hard enough to make a thump and then jump up into the air out of the water. (I had twenty gallons out so she was still in the tank even mid jump but still.) I wound up saying, "Whoa darling, calm down." Well my wife turns around and asks, "What did you say to me?" Then she sees me elbows deep in the tank looking guilty.

"You just called that stupid fish darling didn't you?"

thatg33kgirl 07-21-2010 06:25 PM

lol nice stories!!!

*shifty eyes* Nooo dear I'd never call a silly fish darling

Inga 07-21-2010 08:33 PM

LOL These are great stories. They are all good for a laugh. Fish definitely have much more personality then I would have ever thought. Some more then others, just like people.

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