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NC1875 07-16-2010 02:53 PM

Siamese Fighting Fish
I have a 90 litre tank and have the following fish:

3 female mollies
3 male guppies
2 cinnamon dwarf gouramis
2 swordtails
3 julii corys

I have always wanted a fighting fish. Would I be able to get one with the species I have or is it not advisable?

If not, are there any other fish I could get or am I am full capacity?

Byron 07-16-2010 08:08 PM

The beautiful betta is best suited to its own tank, or one with non-aggressive lower level inhabitants such as quiet catfish (corys).

The betta and gourami are too closely related (both are anabandtids) and there would be aggression. The livebearers (guppies, etc.) would find the betta's fins too tempting and probably have them bitten down in no time.

I cannot recommend a betta for this aquarium. As for stocking level, in a 23g (90 litre) tank I don't see room for more othere than corys; three is the minimum, a couple more would be OK. If you have male and female swords they will be producing dozens of fry regularly.


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