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lisaemc2 07-15-2010 11:53 AM

How do I increase calcium levels in my tanks?
I'm having problems w/ my Black Mystery snails. I've had 3 die in the last 2 months. Before this happened I had snails living over 6 months. I have Mollies who've been in the tanks (10g) for nearly a year & no problems. I've been advised to put veggies in the tank to up the calcium level, they seem to love zucchini. I've also been advised to NOT put veggies in, just algea wafers & sinking pellets. The thing about that is my fish get to the wafers first. I have Mollies, live plants & I leave one pane to grow algea slime. I do water changes once a week. Which advice is right or do I do something different? :-?

jeaninel 07-15-2010 02:24 PM

There's absolutely nothing wrong with putting fresh veggies in the tank. Just make sure you take them out after 12-24 hours so they don't foul the water. When I had Mystery snails they loved zucchini. Spinach, cucumber, cooked carrots and Romaine lettuce are some other veggies you could feed them. I also used to put in a calcium tablet a couple times a week.

On a side note, did you test your water for ammonia, nnitrites and nitrates? I don't know that the lack of calcium would kill them. You would see their shell start to deteriorate first.. But I'm no snail expert. This has just been my experience.

PrettyKitty187 07-15-2010 07:03 PM

I've been throwing tums in there...they seem to be doing just fine :-D will cloud the water a bit though...the other fishies didn't seem to mind and the chinese algae eater ate more of the tums than the snail did

edit: and I read in the invert section of the forum some people are putting cuddle bones (find 'em in the bird section) in their tanks for a more lasting calcium source

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