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Andyandsue 04-03-2007 09:20 AM

Water STILL cloudy! HELP!
This is a long and detailed post sorry. I tried not to leave one detail out! This has been going on for 2 weeks now. The water isn't really cloudy to a point that it's milky or murky. It looks fine from a few feet away, but if you get up close the white particles become obvious. I am concerned this is bacterial bloom but have no idea how to get rid of this, if I even have to.

This is my 12 gallon tank, which has been set up and cycled since January. Water params are 0 amm 0 nitri nitra<5

I have been doing a 10-20% water change and gravel vac almost every day to try and combat this. I am currently feeding flake food once daily early evening with an occasional blood worm or brine shrimp (both freeze dried). Then 2 sinking wafers and one algae wafer daily in the late evening for my bottom feeding nocturnal friends.

I know I am overstocked. The Pleco is going to a friend soon. Even so, if that was the problem, wouldn't daily water changes keep this at bay?

All fish seem healthy and happy. I have an issue with one Golden White Cloud but I think she's just full of eggs more than anything, her behavior/eating is fine.

I have a phosphate issue and I have a high pH, but always have. I also use phosphate removing media in addition to the carbon cartridge filter for the Eclipse, which as most of you know has a bio-wheel. The filter media was changed a few days ago, for the second time in 2 weeks.

I also want to mention I have 1 live plant, and a somewhat deep (1 inch) gravel bed.

Someone with some experience on this please help! Thank you!!

squiggles1 04-03-2007 12:53 PM

i havre had couldy water issues constantly with my eclipse tank. it only has 1 smallish goldfish in it and i feel like ive tried everything. i'm starting to wonder about the tank, it's the only eclipse system i have and my other tanks are perfectly clear. i did the water changes, reduced feedings, coverd the tank and left the light off, took out the carbon and added phosphate and silicate remover, added chemicals (keep in mind not all at once just over the course of months). the fish seems ok but i really havent had much success. sorry but maybe it's just my tank. the most success i had was when i did daily water chnages, reduced feeding and took out the carbon and put in phosphate remover and left the light off. my water is a greenish cloudy color. if u find a cure please post it for me.

Andyandsue 04-03-2007 02:38 PM

Ugh. That stinks. That's not the answer I was hoping for!

Hoenstly I have another Eclipse tank, a 3 gallon and that water is crystal clear, so I'm hoping it's not the tank. I want to get a large tank soon, but that doesn't mean I want to give up my 12 gallon...

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