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Craigthor 04-02-2007 09:05 PM

Been awhile new tank setup and stocking.
Been awhile since I posted here and here is my current setup.

Tank: 75 gallons Perfecto
Filtration: Fluval FX5 for mechanical and Eheim Pro 3E 2078 for Biological
Heater: Stealth 250 watt
Decor: 80 lbs Lace Rock with a few plastic plants

12 Saulosi 5 Male/ 7 Females
3 Scianechromis Ahli 1 Male 2 Females
3 Wild Caught Copadichromis Trevawsse "Mloto Midnight" 1 Male/ 2 Females
3 Eureka Red Peacock 1 Male/ 2 Females
4 Haplichromis "Flameback" 1 Male/ 3 Females
2 Albino Bristlenose 1 Male/ 1 Female
3 Wild Caught Synodontic Petricolas 3 Females

I am looking the possiblity in the next year of going to the All- Glass 120 48x24x24 as this would fit in my space. I do have some WC fish to get rid of 1 Male WC Synodontis Multipunctatus, I've order the remaining Syns. from my seller in hopes of getting one Petricola male as I was sent teh Multi. I will have 3-4 Syn. Petricolas WC females to get rid of or trade for a WC Petricola Male for my tank.

Mr.Todd 04-14-2007 11:07 AM

Nice Setup! :D

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