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teddyzaper 07-12-2010 09:47 PM

teddys 50 gallon build!
hey guys, im back again!

havent been very active due to summer school and normal school, but im back!

so im starting up a saltwater 50 gallon acrylic tank, and i want to do it right the first time! i tried posting stuff on reefcentral, but it seems that no one cares about 55 gallon tanks unless they have been set up for more than a year, so i know you guys never push someone in the ditch, and you got good info, so here i am!

55 gallon acrylic with rounded edges and corner overflow
30 gallon sump with my skimmer reactors and other misc stuff (ATO ect.)
20 gallon refugium, macro algea, clown pair, DSB, live rock ect.
10 gallon ATO (auto top off)
7.5 gallon manit shrimp tank

2x 250 watt MH pendants with pheonix 14k bulbs DE
eventualy some LED night lights
JBJ ATO, or auto top top off system
70 watt MH over 7.5 gallon
little giant pump (everything will run off of this)

thats what ive figured out so far myself. what i need some help is the hard part (obviously :shock:) ill start with possible stocking list, then equiptment.

heres my idea:
55 gallon
1x snowflake eel
1x fu man chu lionfish
1x midas blenny
pair or 1 maroon clown

20 gallon fuge
1x perc clown
1x B&W clown
(already own both and they are pairing up)

7.5 gallon
spieces of mantis shrimp

the 50 gallon tank will be mainly mushrooms and zoas, along with a few SPS along the top and a clam

the 7.5 will be all SPS, i will use frags from the display

the 20 fuge might have a few mushrooms, but mainly macro algea

with all this beign said, i need to figure out what kind of skimmer to get. also, what kind of reactors. i dont plan to get the reactors right away but i will get them when i feel that my calc or alk is to low.

what you guys think? like the idea? is there anything wrong with it?

james7139 07-12-2010 09:52 PM

so approx 122.5 gals? nice thats really sweet. i like eels :-D

teddyzaper 07-12-2010 10:00 PM

omg, i thought it was 90. man i suck at math. oh right, i had a 20 gallon sump and a 10 gallon refuge in my original plans, just wanted something bigger.

james7139 07-13-2010 12:20 AM

btw nice profile pic

teddyzaper 07-13-2010 03:42 PM

oh thanks! i just measured and my stand doesnt fit the 20 and 30, just two 20s or a 20 and two 10s. im thinking of going 20 with 2 10s because i can have a sump, refugium, and an ATO.

trukgirl 07-19-2010 12:17 PM

Just remember your sump won't be full to the top. Mine is a 20g tall, but it actually normally has about 14-15g in it.

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