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dalli1976 07-07-2010 06:02 PM

What more can I do?
I have a pond in my back yard. Its 6x6x3. In it is 5 koi, and 5 goldfish. They are small, between 2-7 inches. About 2 weeks ago a side of it collapsed during some very heavy rains. Alot of dirt and some very big rocks fell into the pond. Before the collapse, water quality was near perfect and the ph was about 7.5. The rush was on to repair it as quickly as possible so my husband had to jump in with the fish to put up the wall before the fish washed away. We had to do about a 60 percent water change to get as much of the dirt and vegetation out as possible. After a few days of constant care and adding beneficial bacteria, everything seemed to be back to normal. Unfortunately for the fish, some very high temperatures came after the rain. A week ago I went to the pond to find 2 goldfish dead. I passed it off as stress in the fish because they seemed to isolate themselves from the others before they passed. Four days ago while I was skimming the pond with the net, I pulled a dead fish from the bottom. It looked like fungus on it. I sat by the pond for hours to catch a glimpse of the others. They all looked like they were either getting cotton wool or fin and tail rot. It came on so quick. I think 2 of them may also have SBD. Its ridiculous. One of the gold fish has tail rot, full of fungus (especially around the gills)and is laying on its side. I almost buried it today until it started wiggling in the net when I scooped it out of the pond. One of the koi swims fine, but when it stops, its head points towards the bottom of the pond and the tail sticks out of the water. I have done a partial water change, I'm feeding them peas and I am dosing the pond with Pimafix. Is there anything else I can do? Should I do a partial water change before each dose of the Pimafix? Any advise anyone can give would be really appreciated

kitten_penang 07-08-2010 01:07 AM

it's hard to treat fish in a normal outside pond theres too much you cant control.the heavy rain and loosen soil must have released a whole lot of harmful bacteria and when the wall collapsed it gave the fish too much stress and weaken it's immune system. im very sure they had to live in murky water for a few days while the dirt in the water set that gave the bacteria a chance to propagate and use your fish as hosts.the best sulution f you wanna save them is to move them into a quarantine tank then medicate them.don't just go pouring chemicals into the ground. you can't get the stats right for the treatment anyway so your most probably going to over or under medicate them and they will die both ways.

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