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Holly 03-31-2007 09:03 PM

Canister Filter Prices/Dr's Foster & Smith
I have to share this with everyone because I'm completely amazed. I spent the past 2 days pricing out the Filstar Canister Filter,Fluval and Eheim Filters at just about every pet store in the area. If your familar with NJ I checked from Wrighstown to Medford to Pennsauken which is a pretty big area. The best price? Dr. Foster's & Smith!! The filter I'm gettin tonight in the cataloge is $88 including shipping, Filstar Canister with 3 baskets. I saw it in the stores rom $179 to $279!! I was amazed the prices these LFS and chain stores are charging. I still can't get over it. Almost everythng I've purchased at a LFS I come home and check the price in the cataloge and I ALWAYS overpay. I'm going to send them an email to let them know also.

I did get to pick up a piece of drift wood that I really like and some new plants. I'll get pics up soon!!!

fish_4_all 04-01-2007 12:58 AM

If you like them, take a look at Between the two of them I have never found an online price that was lower for anything they carry. I hate to say it but i am going to have to start ordering online because the more I get into the hobby the mor eI need items that are special order from my LFS and are priced 4-5x what they want online sometimes even with shipping.

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