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Falina 03-31-2007 06:36 AM

potential molly/swordtail hybrids

i have 4 mollies (3 female, 1 male) and 1 male swordtail in my tank. my swordtail keeps mating my pregnant molly. i knew that livebearers could become hybrids, for example different types of molly could mate, and swordtails could sometimes mate with platties, but a swordtail and a molly??? what will be the outcome if, after she has these babies, she becomes pregnant as a result of this mating? would she be able to become pregnant by him? and if so then i really have no way of telling if she already is because my male molly has no interest in her, he is only interested in the other 2 (i think maybe because they are all black and my prennant one that my swordtail "fancies" is a sort of blonde colour) so i originally just assumed she was pregnant from a previous mating before i got her but now im wondering...

i know hybrids arent encouraged but i can assure you this wasnt deliberate. i never thought the 2 would mate. what do you suggest i do?

fish_4_all 04-01-2007 12:55 AM

Swords and platies yes
Mollies and guppies yes
Swords and mollies no

I would be very surprised if they are a cross of molly and sword as they are totally different species. Mollies are a guppy which is why mollies and guppies can cross but it still rare for them to cross. Now swords and platies are a different story. They will readily crossbreed and the babies can often be very off colored and can also be deformed. I made this mistake when i first started out because I liked swords and platies but the babies were very odd colored and a few of them had deformities that were to say the least odd. Odd tails with short tops and long bottoms and visa versa. Eyes set in weird positions compared to the parents and so on. It could have been a result of inbred parents so I can't say it was for sure the crossing but it was a site to see.

Falina 04-01-2007 02:50 PM

ok thanks. she must just be pregnant by another fish before i got her then. my swordtail still mates her though, well, whether hes entirely sucessful or not i cant tell obviously, but he certainly has a good go and as far as i can see he is sucessful. its good to hear that this wont result in babies. strange behavious thoguh - he must be very confused!

thanks again

lioness501 04-03-2007 03:01 AM

hahahaha, i have a male guppy that mates with EVERYTHING! whether its livebearer or not hell have a go. even with the goldfish he tries. i think he is very confused. he also mates my balloon mollies but have been told there will b no babies as a result of this!

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