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Grimmjow 07-04-2010 08:25 PM

Loose guppy babies
So some time in the past day or so some babies were born and i had no idea the guppy was even pregnant. Well now ive got at least 2 babies just swimming around, will they be safe?

Ive had guppy babies in the past in this tank but i was ready for it with the female in the breeder net and everything but this time they just showed up and they are impossible to catch. Other fish in the tank are a few guppies, a betta, and a neon and a black tetra. Ive seen the betta try to eat them already but hes much to slow to get them and its pretty funny cause it seems like he cant really see them all that well with them being so small.

zof 07-04-2010 09:34 PM

I have had about 5 or 6 (all seen at different times by them selfs) what are guppy and some platy fry in my tank over the past few months and none of them are still around, heck I even had one go 10 days or so then he just disappeared. Then again the first fry I had was a platy in this tank and it is almost half the size of the adults at almost 2 months old. And this is a 36g tank with just 3 guppies and 5 platys and seems to be a good amount of room to hide. Yet out of 6 or 7 fry I can only say one survived, of course this one that survived hid so well for about 3 weeks that I didn't have a clue he was still in the tank. I guess it just comes down to whether or not the fry are smart enough to hide until they are big enough or if they are stupid enough to swim in the open water and get eaten.

You can probably help by making sure there are tons of small hiding spots also floating cover might help and this is where I tend to find half the fry. But its all up to the fry to decide if they are smart and lucky enough to survive.

Austin 07-05-2010 01:43 AM

In my grow out tank I have 3 permanent platy residents and 2 black mollies. It's a 44g tank. One of the platies had babies and some of the babies are growing up. Nothing seems to go to the bottom where they hide or bother them.

I think the odds of them surviving increase if : Lot's of hiding places, less densely populated tank.

If your tank is densely populated I think the odds they will live with the hungry guppies in there are way slimmer than if you had lets say 2 fish in a 55g tank.

I think it all depends. I have about 10-15 fish in my 29g tank (platies and such, some are "teenagers" i am raising), and none of them seem to make it unless I catch them hiding a day or two after birth. (When I don't notice a pregnant platy gave birth, if it's been a few days I never find babies)

So ya, I think it depends. Also, if there's only 2... the odds are not too great because they might die of something other than being eaten. Not every fry will live.

But they could be ok in your fish tank, but the odds of them surviving is exponentially lower than if you were to take them out and raise them elsewhere until they are big enough to be with the adults.

Goodluck. :)

redchigh 07-05-2010 12:52 PM

Well I have heavily planted tanks, so that might be the key, but I have lots of fry survive to adulthood with the parents.

My survival rate skyrocketed with I began crushing some flake, mixing it with water, and pouring it into the tank so that the fry don't have to come out into the open.

All fry know to hide, but if the only way to eat is to come out- they come out.

I keep snails, ghost shrimp, adult guppies, 1 platy, and fry all together. I have no idea how many are eaten, but I know that I've never had a problem with not having 1-2 more adult guppies per week.

I also don't clean my glass. There's very little algae, but the guppies eat it, so I like to leave it for the fry.
Java moss, Guppy Grass, Hygrophila Difformis, are all easy plants that hide fry well.

Grimmjow 07-05-2010 07:59 PM

I think they should be good then, theres plenty of cover in plants and plenty of algae for them to eat.

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