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Nick 03-30-2007 11:00 PM

Yes,Still alive,here's my 55 now!
Hey everyone...Sorry been REALLY busy! YES I'm still alive! haha...Finally got some spare time to take a new updated picture of my tank. Just got the full tank shot right now. For those of you who remember my tank before when I was a mod here, to now, you can tell there's a HUGE difference. The plants have grown in SO much...I'm actually starting to throw away some java fern now, just so much grows off of one plant and makes another and just too much! Haha...I'm pretty sure my signature is updated of occupants so read on! So many... I love it! Needs to be gravel vacced soon though. But enjoy this picture! So much to say....


wejlick1 03-30-2007 11:13 PM

nice tank...
nice tank man.... i love tetras and it seems soo do you.... im just about to start a nano aquarium but i have to do mad research first.

Nick 03-30-2007 11:15 PM

Yes sir, I love all my fishy's :D. Nano's are great, MORE work then to the naked eye though...


Lupin 03-31-2007 10:49 AM

Welcome back, Nick.:wave: Tank is really great.:mrgreen:

What have you been doing lately?:)

Amphitrite 03-31-2007 04:02 PM

Hi Nick, long time no see :wave:

Your tank is looking fantastic!!! :D

Nick 04-01-2007 09:51 PM

Yes I know long time no see!
My tank has been doing well. I would say its had its ups and downs and all but it really hasnt. Just me being lazy and not cleaning it and etc. It's really been a REALLY good tank. All of my fish's are realllly strong and healthy, I have had NO diseases or outbreaks or ANYTHING bad like that at all. It's been a really low maintenance tank for me and I like it. My loaches are as happy as can be, best active fish in the tank. My bala has been growing a lot and eating the food I give him and its been all good. My angels, well, they....Are getting big!!!! from the tips of there mouths to the ends of there vieltails there probably around 4-5 inches. Very very peaceful. They barely even pick on eachother nether-the-less other tank mates. i LOVE my 8-9 inch pleco. VERY pleasent addition to the tank awhile ago and was proud to take him in. I know my tank is overstocked but hell, all my fish are very happy noone picks on anyone and there all alive and thriving! All of my plants are thriving also, well besides my sword lookin plants, I made a mistake by spliting the one plant in to two so I could put one on one side and the other on the side. And they pretty much died on me. there still alive though I'm tryin to give them nutri tabs and everything so i think they will pull threw. As you can see in the picture, the grassy stringy looking plants that are a lawn to my tank on the bottom, they just keep multiplying by the week! Started out as one and the roots of them make new ones and they sprout up like no other! Therefor making a lawn to my tank. It's absolutely awesome! My little baby bristlenose and grown TREMENDOUSLY! when I got him he was about an inch, maybe not even that. and now he is around 3 inches in lengh, body is growing out a little and his bristles are growing out big. And that little sucker is STILL the most active pleco in my tank.Well, I could just go on and on so with enough said. Feel free to ask questions and i WILL have pictures on the way! :D


Falina 04-01-2007 10:25 PM

lovely tank nick! nice healthy looking plants and interesting bit of wood

Nick 04-01-2007 10:34 PM

Thanks. I picked that there unique peice of wood up from my property's creek. Love it

Nick 04-01-2007 11:11 PM

Falina 04-02-2007 07:37 AM

woo! catfish! :D

hes lovely - i love when mine sticks himself to the front of the glass and i can see his wee mouth. hes just a baby though, about 3"

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