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reverendred 03-30-2007 05:06 PM

is a 20 gallon long too small for 2 red ear sliders?

ive been throwing the idea back and forth..... doing 2/3 water and a 1/3 land until they grow some then build a plat form above the water incorporating 1/4 of the tank leaving 3/4 water.

anyone have thoughts on this?

Firebelly girrl 03-30-2007 05:26 PM

Hm i would say its only big enough for one. These guys can get up to 12inches, so you would be better off sticking to one or getting a bigger tank for both...which would be better. Also a 20 gallon long is very narrow, they might get the the point where they cant even turn around in it.

tophat665 03-31-2007 03:18 PM

You need 10 gallons of water per inch. RES get "the size of a dinner plate" according to You're looking at a 200 gallon tank, or an indoor pond. Sorry. 20 gallons will work for a couple months, max.

I have One Eastern Painted Turtle about 5" long, in a 75 Gallon Tank with a bunch of Guppies (that he eats). He is 11 months old (my daughters caught him between his egg and the water). Started at 1" in a 10 gallon, then moved to a 20, then to the 75 because I could not keep the smaller tanks clean (and I finally ran across the 10 gal/inch rule). It takes every bit of flow from an eheim 2217 to keep it clean.

He'll be going back to his point of collection in June.

reverendred 03-31-2007 06:43 PM

well damn, there goes that idea.... maybe ill get some form of lizard

Firebelly girrl 03-31-2007 10:49 PM

Well if you wanted a turtle (mostly water) maybe you could just set up a vivarium for some creatures?

tophat665 04-02-2007 05:14 PM


Originally Posted by Firebelly girrl
Well if you wanted a turtle (mostly water) maybe you could just set up a vivarium for some creatures?

Firebellied Newts, perhaps. :D

Firebelly girrl 04-02-2007 08:50 PM

Yeah ive heard their nice to watch! and ive seen some nice fb newts vivariums, and some cute pictures of the newts! i have a 20 gallon vivarium set up for 3 firebelly toads, but i wish the toads & newts could be housed together =( but theres some bad storys out there of the toads eating the newts limbs!

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