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Zooty 07-02-2010 06:27 PM

Fire Eel. Ill?
I've had a fire eel for about a week now. Yesterday I noticed he was acting strange. It seems like he'll go into a C shape and just kinda float. I have seen him eat the odd blood worm but not many of them. I transfered him into my larger more established tank and he was swimming ok (didnt thrash in the net too much though). Anyone have any ideas on what to do to save my Eel?

kitten_penang 07-09-2010 10:03 AM

hope this helps
First does your fire eel have enough hiding places? Pipes and tunnels? Is there pleanty of plants in the tank? (35 gallons is the absolute minimum for this size fish)

When your fire eel feels safe in his surroundings, he will eat. Pipes are not the most attractive items for a fish tank but they need these types of cover, as well as floating plants to shield from the tank light and a smooth gravel bottom to feel safe. Even though he ate before these are a part of his "home" and care.

Live food, such as feeder fish, mosquito larvae, cyclops, bloodworms and brine Shrimp can all be used.

My second item is, are you sure all his tank mates are accounted for? Although most fireeels get along with their tank mates, it isn't beyond them to snatch a smaller fish for a snack.

The PH? Around 7.5? Temperature? 78-80? water quality? Nitrates? Eels are hearty and can tolorate higher levels of nitrates and PH levels, however ammonia no one is exempt from. How is his color?

If he still seems fine other than eating, try adding or moving items around the tank to creat a SAFE place for him to hide. he will eat when he is hungry. Just try a few different foods I've mentioned, also, he may/will eat pellets.

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