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PartyInMyFishTank 07-01-2010 03:47 PM

galvanized waterfall?
so my mom wants me to make a tiny litte deal outside in a galvanized tin bucket which is about 5 gals worth. so she has the pump and everything i need to do what i want to do, later in the summer she is going to let me expand hopefully i can talk her into 50-100 gal pond. anyways my question about making this 5 gal pond, is that i wanted to put a few mosquito fish in and maybe a few apple snails, but is that possible with a galvanized tin? or will that just kill any fish? all she wants is the fountain but i thought i might as well add a few helpful things.

bearwithfish 07-02-2010 07:45 AM

not really sure about putting critters in metal but there are a few methods you could use to help here.. before you start you could seal the inside with a ton of Krylon clear coat spray paint.... use a lot of layers like 30+ to be sure.... or you could get a plastic bin that fits well in side and cut it so that it does not show....
i would not want to put tem in directly as they used some odd methods to make things easier back in the day and you can not be 100% sure that it is safe..

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