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twocents 07-01-2010 12:34 PM

Euthanizing a fish: when to do it..
I haven't provided parameters because it doesn't seem to be the issue here anyway.. my other fish are healthy and active..

I have two mollies which contracted a fungus. I isolated the two in a 5 gallon quarantine tank. It cleared up apparently in both mollies: this was about 3 weeks ago.

About a week and a half ago, I noticed one of the previously afflicted mollies seemed to have had a recurrence of the fungus, so back into quarantine she went. I medicated per instructions and at the end of the second medication she was no better. I changed half the water and switched to an ich medication.

The ich seems to be s slowly clearing up: the white little pistules are now gone. She still has a cloudy eye yet she appears happy: comes to the surface and eats, swims around. I do not think she is at the point of being 'taken out'.

Should I medicate again for ich in an attempt to clear the eye up? Should I just keep her quarantined until she dies of old age? Can she be sent back to the main tank?

If a fungus and/or ich will not clear up, when does one euthanize a fish?

Which leads to a side question: has anyone ever seen a fungus or ich that will NOT clear up no matter what is done?

redchigh 07-01-2010 10:46 PM

I would never euthanise a fish for ich. It's mostly reserved for fish that will not eat, or are in obvious distress. (like not being able to swim properly, resting on the bottom even then touched, etc.

Two things.. My first point, could it have been ich originally? Fungus is usually the result of an injury. (May I assume you have block mollies? They're extra vulnerable to disease from the years and years of inbreeding. There are no black mollies in the wild) Using an improper medication before an accurate diagnosis is made can often do more damage than good.

2nd, ich is a parasite. can stay in a cyst in the bottom of your tank for several days, a week, depending on temperature. Even if you treat for a week, you really need to continue the treatment for about 2 weeks after the last spot is gone. Personally, I treated it with higher temparatures and salt. My mollies were the only ones that caught it too. At the worst point, one of my platies had a couple white dots, but it never spread to the other platy or the guppies.

What medication are you using?
How long have you been using it?

Two other things I thought of.
1. Keep the Ph above 7 if possible. Mollies seem more sensitive to an incorrect ph.
2. How long have you had them in the tank? Maybe there's been some inbreeding, and the sick fish are the ones with the weak genes. Introduce a few (hopefully pregnant) female mollies into the colony.

twocents 07-02-2010 04:46 PM

Thanks redchigh..
To set the record straight, I do not have any plans to terminate this (yes, black) molly. It is a happy fish so far. It is in quarantine.

Both the fungus and the ick meds are made by API, Super Fungus/Super Ick cure. I have used the fungus treatment successfully in the past. I tried the fungus treatment first, then the ick. The ick medicine did have an effect on it which is why I will dose the tank again (probably after another lwater change). The eye still appears to have a growth on it, and I think I can still see one or two spots.

This is a 'first' generation molly for me, it is one of the original fish I've bought so I don't have to worry (at the moment) about inbreeding. I have considered that problem. The only time I get fry is when I clean the filter out. The little buggers get into it. That is what I had the smaller tank for, fry, but now it is a hospital tank. There is a limit to how many tanks I can run... As such, that is what I have an oscar for. He gets the occasional treat. It isn't often.

Thank you for the euthanasia criteria.

Inga 07-02-2010 05:21 PM

Oh my goodness, I hope I never have to euthanize a fish. I don't even know how. I really hope your fish gets better really soon.

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