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JfreeFromCT 03-29-2007 05:40 PM

Relentless Algae
Hello Everyone. This is my first shot at having a saltwater aquarium and I can't seem to shake this green algae. I have to clean the glass of my aquarium almost everyday and I was hoping for some advice. It is not growing that rapidly on my live rock, just mostly on the glass. All tests are where they should be (no nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, or phosphates). I feed twice a day with small portions. Tank has been running for close to 3 months now.

I just changed my substrate a week ago because I thought that was the problem. I was using the same gravel from my freshwater setup, which was inert and adding no value to my tank.

Any ideas are appreciated!

38G w 35lbs live rock
Current USA Extreme T5 lighting
40lbs of sand (20 of it live)
Eheim 2213 Cannister (I added a mesh bag of Phoslock)
Prizm Deluxe Skimmer
1 - AquaC 30 Powerhead
Fish - 2 blue Hippo tangs, six line wrasse, 2 clowns, algae blenny
Cleaner Shrimp, 1 conch, 2 turbos, 3 hermits

SKAustin 03-29-2007 05:48 PM

You using tap or RO/DI? Who tested the water, you or lfs? If it was the lfs, maybe get a second opinion, if it was you, how old are your test kits? Algae feeds on nitrates, how is it that you are keeping your nitrates at 0?How long are your lights on?

trreherd 03-29-2007 06:27 PM

Ok ill be the jerk that says it, your stocking looks pretty good besides the fact you have two blue hippo tangs, They relly need like a 75 gallon tank. Are you aware they grow to a foot? Was your lf the ones that told you they could be in that tank?

caferacermike 03-29-2007 07:01 PM

Do you check for PHOSPHATES? Daily glass cleanings are common for most of us, welcome to tank care. You might try picking up a 2 little fishes phosphate reactor and some phos media to reduce the phosphates. In a normal system with only a slight reading of excess phosphates they do an excellent job. You'll need to get enough media for 2 fillings. You only fill the reactor about 3" even though the tube is about 12", this prevents the media from getting into the tank. Fill the reactor once and set up for about 3-4 days. You'll need to toss that media in the trash and refill the reactor. The mdeia will be good for about a month-2 months. The intial media is generally enough to pull all the phos out of a 75-90g tank in 2-3 days. That media will be spent and the new media will last much longer keeping the phos out of the water.

JfreeFromCT 03-29-2007 07:25 PM

Thanks for everyone's help so far. To answer a few of the questions. I initially filled the tank with tap water (before I researched how wrong that was). I ran it for 2 weeks like this completely empty, no fish or lr and slowly added the rock and fish slowly over the course of several weeks. Since then I have done multiple water changes with RO water.

Everything is brand new including my test kits. I am doing the tests myself and my phosphates are next to nothing. As I said I have been using phoslock in my filter to keep the phosphates at bay.

I thought the lighting my also be a factor. I have gone from 10hours of daylight to about 8 now. The actinics are on for about 15 hours. Is this too much?

If daily glass cleanings are normal, I am all for it. I just want to make sure I am not missing something. I had freshwater tanks for many years and my plecos took care of the glass for me.

I only bought the tangs because the store told me that Hippos Tangs don't grow as large normal blue tangs. Is this true?

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