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callistra 06-29-2010 06:18 PM

Bulb for 1-2.5 gallon fish tank
I have a betta in a 1 to 2.5 gallon fish bowl. It has some plants in it that will need extra light. I have a standard lamp in the corner and I am hoping I can find a bulb for it that will work for the plants.

I found this: and found that my plant's light type is moderate, meaning it needs 500-1000 lux.

Would something like this work? Or would something else work better?

Castro235 06-29-2010 06:23 PM

I have a small 1 gallon triangle tank with some shrimp in it, as well as bacopa, java fern, and a moss ball, and I just popped a normal household flourescent light into a desk lamp, and have that aimed at the back of the tank.

The plants in it all seem to be thriving, and it's a pretty cheap method, it seems that normal household flourescent bulbs are pretty good at small tanks from reading around different forums.

My concern would be with the betta in such a small tank, it seems like bettas are pretty undemanding, but still not quite that well for super small tanks.

My girlfriend had two bettas in 2 gallon bowls, and they both ended up sick, they're now in 5 gallon tanks with just cheap little filters and heaters, and they seem to be doing quite well.

It seems that most everyone who keeps bettas in bowls, end up with unhealthy bettas before long, so i would recommend getting a cheap little tank, and at least a sponge filter and a heater for it, I know how sad it can be to end up with sick fish, as well as very expensive to treat.

callistra 06-29-2010 06:46 PM

Well he's been in the same bowl for over a year now and he is still very lively.. Eventually I figured I would get something bigger because I'm going to need a lid when I get my cats.. open fish bowl doesn't seem like a good idea in that case.

I don't mind investing in something sooner if people really think it's necessary but I was told that bettas live naturally in shallow water so the bowl was supposed to be plenty. Also I was told not to use a filter because bettas aren't good swimmers and mixing up the water is hard on them..

I guess while I'm at it though I do wonder what a good small heater for something around 5 gallons would be... something that I could set the temp and let it go. I've found a lot of heaters that you have to remember to turn on and off and I'd rather be able to set it and have it self maintained, like central house heating.

Calmwaters 06-29-2010 08:59 PM

I have been keeping bettas for several years now and while yours maybe living in a bowl it is not the best option. I would suggest you get small tank with a lid 2-3 gallon is fine but they do need a heater if it gets cold were you live and a small filter is not a bad thing I have a small underwater filter it is the Cascade 300 internal filter it is on its lowest setting and he has no problem swimming. If there is a Pet Smart near were you live they have a 2.5 gallon tank that has a glass lid by Marineland that I really like I have of them that I use for one of my bettas that use to set on my desk were I use to work but now he is on my nightstand beside my bed. Also Walmart has good prices on there kits with filter and everything I have 2 of the 10 gallon kits that I put dividers in for 2 bettas in each tank I replaced the incandest bulbs that came with the kits for a flourest bulb. I have real plants in all the tanks and they do well. For the small 2.5 gallon I have a desk lamp that has a floresent bulb in it over the tank. Please check out the betta section on here also there is some great info on there and great people to help and chat with about your betta. PM me if you have any other questions or ask them here.

Castro235 06-30-2010 02:18 AM

Unfortunately from the few I've seen, they seem to do great in a bowl, and then at random they get hit with finrot or something else, but usually finrot, and then seems to be when everyone looks around and throws them in a tank with a filter and heater and treats them for ages with some good, and some not so good results.

If you can, the best way to go would probably be to get a small tank, like calmwaters said even just 2-3 gallons would probably be fine, but in all of my looking around it seems like you can get a 10 gallon tank/filter/hood etc. for the best prices, so that would just be my choice, but I also have a glass desk I wanted a tank on, so i can also understand wanting to stay with the under 5 gallon tank, so that parts all in preferance, but I know it sucks getting attatched to a fish and seeing them get sick and struggling to do well, so I'd try to give him a somewhat bigger tank with a heater and filter.

But on another note, I've had great luck with my one gallon tank unfiltered for shrimp!
(set up with all established media including chunks of lava rock)

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