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kitten_penang 06-26-2010 05:42 PM

104 gallon tank on the way ^.^
ok so the painting for the house is gonna start tommorow.then it's the new tv 6 feet tv cabinet for the auquarium and then ta..da... my new 104 gallon tank will be set up in my new reading cum aquarium room ;)

imagine 4 feet x 2feet x 2 feet of guppy heaven ^.^ can't wait to start...

so heres the thing the aquarium is set in the middle room so that means less lighting except some from the window.was thinking of starting my first fully planted tank but i'm afraid things might go wrong as iv'e only used live plants that are growing on drift wood.i don't have a co2 canister and i'm afraid that might be a problem.

1)is it possible to have a tank that is fully self reliant like the tanks in the old days???
2)the tank will deffinately have a bio filter but it's the plants i'm worried about.
3)there wont be a cover as i like to look at guppies from the top ^.^
4)the lighting will be fixed to the wall
5) uv or non uv? which is better for the plants?

zof 06-26-2010 10:06 PM

Thats alot of guppies!!! But if there is one fish that can populate that tank quick it would be guppies.

Try the live plants with out the CO2 just do some research before hand and see what other people say about the CO2 needs of the plants you want. I have plenty of plants in my 36 gallon with out CO2, they aren't growing like crazy with the lack of CO2 and high light but they aren't dying either.

BTW we will need pictures so we may drool at guppy heaven :)

kitten_penang 06-27-2010 06:32 PM

lol the new 6 feet tv cabinet is being made as we will take them 3 weeks to get it done and ship it to me here.the good news the tank ready but it's at the manufacturers place as i have no stand for it.the uv bio filter is ready the new lighting have been bought and the paints all dried.

stock list is still in not done cause i cant seem to find a the newest breed of fancy guppy thats to my liking. (any ideas)

what kind of plants do you own that grow well without co2???
is cabomba one of them? it's a fav guppy plant

do you use gravel or those lumpy pellet stuff( dont know what they are called)

definitely will post pics.dint have a camera the first time i went crazy with fancy guppies.this time it's a different story lol

redchigh 06-28-2010 01:17 PM

A planted tank is easy without added CO2. Just look at my 10G guppy.

Remember fish exhale CO2.

I LOVE El Natural planted tanks with a soil substrate (covered with sand or gravel)

The bacteria in soil produce CO2, and break down fish waste. (To the point where one partial water change every 3-6 months is the norm!)

Plus you won't need liquid ferts, since the nutrients will be released from the soil.

Soil substrate tanks thrive with artificial light (about 1 wpg) alongside some natural sunlight from a window. My 5G is in a windowsill with 2wpg of light- not a speck of algae and the plants exploded. I keep having to pull plants out for my other tanks (which is a good thing!)

It's also the only tank where the cabomba grows well. Look into it. :)

My 10G guppy is just gravel, and the plants do OK. Nothing like the soil one though.

For a guppy heaven, I would use lots of:
Cabomba Carolina
Java Moss
"Guppy grass" (I forget what it actually is.)

did I mention that soil substrate tanks don't use a filter at all? The plants do ALL of the filtration.
Maybe that's like the "old days".

I'm in the process of converting all my tanks to soil.

Just buy some organic choice potting soil from wal-mart, and put two inches in the bottom of the tank. Cover it with gravel, and SLOWLY fill it up with a few inches of water.

Plant your plants, then fill up the rest of the way.

(I ran a filter on mine for a little while to get rid of the original "murkiness" from planting, and now it is just running with a heater and light. No filter at all.)

Might want to add some crushed coral or agricultural limestone to the soil to maintain a PH of around 7.5-8.

Also, for your guppy heaven, you should get some Endlers Livebearers.

If for no other reasons, they're colorful, don't eat their young, and are on their way to extinction in the wild.
they do interbreed with guppies though, so might have to do a devoted tank.
Lots of color variants... Here's just one.

fryup 06-29-2010 02:03 AM

good luck i just wish i could get a larger tank and i would also have a "guppy heaven" :):):):)......i only have 3 males now :(:(:(

p.s good luck

kitten_penang 06-29-2010 11:52 PM

wow your 10 gallon looks really healthy.the plants are lovely an the fish must be real happy.
i was wondering use a full spectrum light (is there a difference then normal light)
will it be ok if there's a UV light as well??
soil is it the black type??? we don't have wall mart in malaysia =)
hmm .. no need filters that's really good to hear.I've always wanted to try a tank that is self efficient.if im correct the longer tank with more surface area and is planted should have more then enough o2 for fish and co2 for the plants.
endlers livebearers look like the wild guppy we get in river and some storm drains here.
the finnage is short unlike the fancy type.
was thinking more of the new variants of the ribbon type.

kitten_penang 06-29-2010 11:56 PM

fryup no worrries it took me 26 years to own a 104 planted guppy tank. if theres a will theirs always a way =)

kitten_penang 07-02-2010 03:49 AM

25 kgs of shiny black gravel and 10 kgs JBL aqua has already arrived and will be the base of the tank.

stock list includes :-

Bamboo shrimp
corydoras (several types)
albino pleco
fancy guppies
Striped Raphael
Featherfin squeaker
Chinese hillstream loach

any new ideas on additions or how many fish per species of the stock list to this tank is welcomed =)

fryup 07-02-2010 04:14 AM

that will make a really good looking tank :):)

kitten_penang 07-02-2010 12:06 PM

yup i guess it will.. took some pics of my predators today havent uploaded them yet though

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