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PartyInMyFishTank 06-25-2010 10:06 PM

possible tank mates?
I have a 45 gallon tank, with a pair of Paradise gouramis, a pair of kribensis, 8 khuli loaches (4 striped, 4 black),2 apple snails, and 1 bumblebee catfish. so i was thinking about adding some more fish to my tank, but then i thought why not see what else could go in besides fish, but i dont know of any type of invertebrates that would be compatible, like what would you recommend for that type set up? would a blue cray fish be ok, or would that eat all my fish?

kitten_penang 06-26-2010 08:14 AM

personally i dont think it's a good idea for adding a blue cray fish.they are semi aggresive and eat anything they get their claws the loaches and bumble bees catfish are small in size (easy nite snack size) plus they spend their time at the bottom of the tank or hiding in foliage where the cray fish will be.

PartyInMyFishTank 06-26-2010 12:20 PM

well the khulis are 3'' to 4''. and the bumblebee cat fish is at 3 and a half. do you think theres anything else, that would look nice to put in the tank besides snails? oh btw how many snails would you recommended for a 45 gal with the other tank mates.

kitten_penang 06-26-2010 04:36 PM

i have no idea actually havent used snails in tanks before.maybe look it up in the forum for snails =) oh i've put ghosts prawns in my tank before.they are filter feeders.very beautiful when you see them feeding off the after flow from the filter pump.

aunt kymmie 06-26-2010 11:34 PM

Locahes love any type of inverts they can get their snouts on. Every snail that's been in my tank has been sucked out of its shell, every shrimp, gone in a flash. I don't keep kuhlis but I imagine they's be the same way. Nothing quite like watching a herd of loaches ganging up on an invert. They go completely NUTS!

teddyzaper 06-27-2010 01:24 AM

you could get some decent sized apple snails, but they would have to be at lease the size of a small fish with the loaches.

PartyInMyFishTank 06-27-2010 02:34 PM

Well i got 2 apple snails last time i was up there., and the kuhlis seem to be getting along fine, as i was watching swim past them with now problem, but speaking of the kuhlis, if i put small small snails in there would the just go crazy and eat them all?would they enjoy ghost shrimp as well ? But is there any invertebrates, that my khulis wont want to eat besides the bigger snails?

kitten_penang 06-27-2010 06:11 PM

PartyInMyFishTank 06-27-2010 11:08 PM

what do you guys think about putting Bamboo shrimp in there, like 2-3 if i didnt want to put any more fish in. A plus is they have a bunch at my lfs, but there like 10 each. And thanks for that link kitten.

kitten_penang 06-28-2010 12:19 AM

your welcome =) this was the shrimp i was talking about ^.^ got it mixed with the ghost shrimp =p.i've put those with my guppy and nothing happened..they get quite big .plus i saw in another forum this lady had 3 shrimp in her tank and she has a hunch her loaches attacked them while they were changing skin (they get real soft when they do)

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