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Elahrairah 03-28-2007 10:24 AM

Moonlight Schedule
Last weekend I hooked up my tank with a DIY moonlight like seen here:

It looks great, and only cost me $10 and about an hour of my time. (though at 1 amp, it was way too bright for me, I used 350mA)

Now my question is this:

Do fish like it? My tank, at night, is 100% dark. There is no ambient light at all. Before I would turn on the light at 6 am when I woke and turn it off around 8 I turn on the moonlight at 8 and off again at 6 am....

In the wild, there would not be 100% darkness, so that would make me think they don't mind. But then again, if I couldn't close my eyes, I would want it dark sometimes.

Who uses a moonlight? And to those who do, should I put it on a timer, so it turns off late at night, like 1 am?

The-Wolf 03-28-2007 11:29 AM

all my tanks have moonlights
they come on 30mins before the main lights go out and stay on for 3 hrs.
this way the tanks still get a 6hr total darkness period


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