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RevLemmon 06-24-2010 04:54 AM

Stocking Advice on a 75
I need some advice with stocking my 75 gallon tank. I did some research and looking around, found some fish that I liked and made up a list. Are there any changes you might make to this list, subtraction additions, compatible issues I missed, over stocking issues?

1.) Red Fire Guppy x3
2.) Blue Cobra Guppy x3
3.) Boesemani Rainbow x10
4.) Hi Fin Lyretail Swordtail x1
5.) Medium Premium Orange Marble Blushing Veil x1
6.) Medium Gold Het. Platinum Blue Veil x1
7.) Gypsy King Tiger Pleco x1
8.) Ghost Shrimp x (Whats a good number for a small group?)
I'm planning on using the 3M color quartz S grade in black for the substrate, 2 RENA XP 4's, a Hydor ETH In-Line Heater along with various decorations I haven't decided on yet. I'm not sure what to use for the lighting either, I may go with the 96 watt bright kit from AH supply, but im open to suggestions. Thanks for your help!!

P.S. Its not running yet, I'm just bouncing around ideas right now.

Byron 06-24-2010 12:13 PM

First off, welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum.:wave:

Now, to your fish list. There are some fish that would not be truly compatible with others in this list, and by compatibility I not only think of behaviour but there is also the issue of water parameters and environment. Some fish like angels prefer quiet well-planted aquaria with minimal water flow, comparable to their natural habitat; this is what I mean by environment. As for water parameters, some fish prefer or even need basic (harder) water, others not, some more soft and acidic. There is some degree of adaptability in most fish but still it is best to consider this and combine fish that occur in similar water because this means the fish are more likely to be "comfortable" with each other. Sometimes putting "friendly" fish in unsuitable surroundings (water, environment, other fish) can bring out the less desirable behaviours that would otherwise never be seen from them.

At the head of this section there is a "sticky' on this topic, here's the direct link; you will find a lot of info in this.

Filtration should be geared to the fish in the aquarium, as not all filters are good for all fish. I have a Rena XP3 on my 5-foot 115g tank (the Amazonian Riverscape setup in my photos) and I cannot imagine the torrent I would have with two XP4 filters on this tank; the fish would be stressed out with fighting extreme currents day and night.

Same holds for the light, it should suit the fish's needs, and this is important also if plants are planned. There is a 4-part "sticky" series at the head of the Aquarium Plant section if you may be considering plants (a good idea with most fish).

Hope this is of some help.


aunt kymmie 06-24-2010 01:23 PM

I've nothing to add to Byron's informative post but wanted to say welcome to TFK!
We are glad you joined us. :-)

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