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eileen 06-24-2010 12:38 AM

Orca coloring in my fry from my Bumblebee platy
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My Bumblebee platy had a small batch of fry between yesterday and today. One pattern that I kept from last month was a Orca coloring in 1 baby fry. I could not find this baby in my tank but today I got about 3 of this Orca coloring in the fry. They are so cute mostly black with a little bit of white. My bumblebee platy throws out 3 colors of fry. Yellow/Black, Yellow, and mostly all Black with slight white. I call this kind my Orca babies. I posted a picture I had in my photos of my Bumblebee Platies. I'm keeping only the Black masked babies and the Orca pattern. I hope I get some more Orca patterned babies next month. I posted a picture of the babies I got another time of the Black Platies. The 2 in the picture are mostly black the one on the lower picture still had it's egg yoke. I think I might have a new Platy strain Orca platy. I was wondering if anyone that has Bumblebee platies has had babies with this really different coloring. Please let me know and post pictures. I have not been able to get one to survive like my masked ones. I hope the 3 I found today make it. I will have to post pictures of them when they get bigger in size.

fryup 06-24-2010 08:30 AM

if noticed with some fry that the darker coloured 1nz develop there colours faster so ye theve got the black and will/should develop there yellow colours soon :):):)

good luck :):):)

Navthrfez Platy 02-22-2011 12:22 PM

are both of the Orca babies parents Bumblebee Platys?

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