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Promelas 06-23-2010 09:21 PM

Strange Goldfish Question
A buddy of mine is getting married soon, and he had asked me about the possibility of having a small goldfish at each of the 20 or so tables. Given he could work something out with a pet shop, would there be any common, small goldfish that could stay safely in a small tank for a day or so?

At the cheapest route, think feeder goldfish would work?

bettababy 06-24-2010 05:00 AM

If the fish are going back to the store right after the wedding and can be kept in a filtered tank between time, yes, this can be made to work. Keeping them in small bowls for a few days is not something I'd suggest... they'd have to be pretty tiny to make that work and then your friend would be better off with a different type of fish.

One suggestion that would work better would be to use long fin danios, either leopard or blue. They aren't large, have long pretty fins, are active, and could easily spend a couple of days in a bowl if it isn't for any longer than that. They are much sturdier than goldfish. The last few weddings I helped do such a thing with... 2 of them went with danios instead and reported afterwards that it worked perfectly for them... and all the fish came back to us in good shape.

White cloud or gold white cloud minnows are another option that could work well. The gold white clouds are bright & colorful, active, sturdy, and small enough to work in that type of situation.

I have also helped people do such a thing using bettas... which also worked well provided the room temp isn't too cold for them. With the bettas we were able to assemble bowls with small lip at the top, with a small piece of colored netting (found at any craft or fabric store) in the wedding colors, which was rubberbanded over the top of the bowls to prevent the fish from jumping out and other stuff from getting in. The netting can be punctured in the center to allow for bamboo or peace lilies to sit into the bowls which only added to the attractiveness of them and made them appear more like real table centerpieces (while staying cheap & easy to put together).

Those would all be better choices than any type of goldfish.

Promelas 06-25-2010 04:08 PM

Thanks for the tips, I'll pass this info on to him! I think orange is one of the colors they have in their wedding theme so any smaller orange fish would work nicely.

Know of any good stores in green bay that could help out?! :)

bettababy 06-27-2010 02:40 AM

Sorry, I can't help you with stores in Green Bay... I haven't been through there in years. The gold white clouds might be just the thing for your friend... the deep golden color with red and orange markings in the fins.. and would work much better than goldfish.

The closest store I could suggest for such a thing would be Hoffer's Tropic Life in Milwaukee. As long as they're willing to pay for the fish, I can't see where that would be a big issue. That is one of the few stores I know of that is capable of doing such a thing... if thats a possibility, tell your buddy to call there during the week and ask to talk to Joe, he's the fish room manager. He is off on Thursdays and 1 of the 2 days of the weekend, it varies depending on when. Fridays are also a bad day to reach him because that is usually their busiest day. He would need at least a week or 2 advance notice for placing the order, but it would need to be set up with him at least a few wks prior to that.

Hope that helps, sorry I can't help with something closer to Green Bay. Best of luck and congrats to your friend.

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