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PartyInMyFishTank 06-22-2010 08:29 PM

New paridise gourami pair
Yesterday i went to my lfs to get crickets and ended up with a new beautiful blue pair of paradise gouramis! so far, i love them.I have them in a 45 gallon with a kribensis pair, 6 kuhlis, and one bumblebee catfish. everything has been good, but the gouramis seem to just stay at the top, is this normal? no "fights" besides the female krib being over protective, but she basically just shoos the kuhlis and gouramis away from their specific spot when they get near, doesnt seem like anything to worry about. so last night i was thinking about how this tank is now full. right now the tank looks slightly empty, but im expecting the gouramis to get big, you know at least 4'' each. but am i wrong? is it possible to add a dwarf gourami or something smnaller that wont get eaten by the cat fish.

iamntbatman 06-23-2010 03:17 AM

Well, the main issue I see is that the paradise fish really prefer cooler temperatures than your other fish and would benefit from being kept in a room-temperature tank rather than a heated tropical tank. It's pretty normal for them to hang out near the surface of the water, though if you see them taking breaths from the surface very often then that could be a sign that the oxygen levels in the water are lower than what they require (a byproduct of the increased temperature). I also wouldn't suggest keeping them with other anabantids, as they can be very territorial and aggressive with similar species.

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