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Salix 06-21-2010 05:58 PM

question about platy breeding
I got a male Mickey Mouse platy at the pet store today and was just wondering how long it usually takes for a male to show interest in any of the females. I have him in with a female Mickey Mouse and a Sunburst and I'm really curious to see what those babies would look like. What type of behavior should I watch for?

zof 06-21-2010 07:00 PM

Give em a couple of days to get adjusted, the behavior is really easy, once hes picked a target he should constantly follow that female around his attention might wander for a minute or two but soon after he will be following the female around again.

I have both the type of platies you have, and tend to find my males tend to follow the females with the same coloration as them.

Salix 06-22-2010 03:04 PM

I see what you mean about constantly following. He hasn't been in the tank for a full 24 hours and my Mickey female is totally annoyed with him. I'm going to go back to the pet store in a couple of days and see about getting a Gold Twin Bar female, maybe that will help put an ease on the harassment.

eileen 06-22-2010 03:17 PM

Just remember that the females that you get at the pet store are almost always pregnate. They can have up to 6 batches of fry without a male around. Get the fattest female with a gravid spot if you want babies soon. You will not know what to do with all those fry like me. I had 117 babies born from my Black Moscow guppy last month and she's going to drop anyday now again. I sold most of the babies but still have about 25 or so from last month. They will be born in my big tank with my angelfish and rams so they will most likely be food as I can not keep them. I have no spare tank to keep them.

Salix 06-22-2010 03:30 PM

Yeah, I know about the females most likely being pregnant. My Sunburst didn't look pregnant at all when I got her and one morning I went to feed them and there was a baby hiding in a crack under the decorative rock (if she had more they must have been eaten 'cause she was the only one I found). I didn't have another tank so I bought a breeder box to keep it in while I got a nursery tank set up. While at the pet store buying what I needed I decided to get another fish, the Mickey Mouse female that I have now, and when she was still in the bag she came in from the pet store she had four babies. I put her in the breeder box and she ended up having 28, not including the couple she ate before they could swim down.

Unfortunately the nursery tank wasn't anywhere near ready to house any fish so they had to stay in the breeder box. I guess being in the close space like that drove them kinda crazy because even though I fed them seven small meals a day they cannibalized. I only have one left and she has a ten gallon tank all to herself. She's big enough now so the mom can't eat her, so she's chilling out in the nursery tank until I get another female. I'll probably end up taking the male back to the store. Yesterday when I bought him I had asked for a female, and the employees at the store I go to are normally really good about knowing the difference so I didn't bother to double check. I didn't notice he was a boy until I got him home. Yesterday he didn't bother the females at all, but today he's been chasing the Mickey female non-stop. Even after I put her in the nursery tank he's been looking in all of the places she was hiding.

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