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teddyzaper 06-21-2010 01:02 PM

hey guys, i wqas reading bears rebound post and pasfur said some stuff about dosing. ive never been dosing my tank and all my corals are doing fine. i have birdsnest, monti, caps, star polyp, kenya tree, 2 mushrooms, and a sebae anemone. i havent tested my water for anything other then amonia, nitrates and nitrites,oh and ph. i would like to start dosing to see some growth on my new corals, what do you recomend? im totaly new to all this so please take it slow. my local saltwater store has a whole bunch of additives, even stuff you would never think of. they are in a black bottle with a picture of some corals or fish on the front, they seem pretty common because i see them in youtube videos all the time. what should i get, and how much of each should i get. all my corals and anemone are doing great and ive seen lots of growth on 1 muchroom, hte star polyps and the kenya tree, but not really anything else on the others (i did just get the 2 sps a couple days ago so i dont expect anything yet) but one mushroom and the anemone just dont grow.

so could you please recomend the dosing?

my tank stats are:
set up 5 months ago
10lbs of LR
24lbs of LS
1 true perc clown
2 scarlet herms
2 blue leg herms
4 snails
2 mushrooms
1 kenya tree
1 star polyp rock
1 seabae anemone
1 monti cap
1 orange birdsnest with green polyps

ill test my water soon i promise!

bearwithfish 06-21-2010 01:36 PM

as this is relevant to the questions i had i thin ki am going to jump on and follow this thread if you dont mind teddy....
(glad you stayed with the 10 LOL)

njudson 06-21-2010 01:51 PM

I would start by reading this often linked post.

With such a small tank you may not need to dose anything at all. How often do you use water changes? How are the Alk and Calcium levels in your salt mix? (guessing you haven't tested) I would think step 1 for you would be keeping your calcium up.

teddyzaper 06-21-2010 02:40 PM

will read that thanks!

LOL bear i do mind!!!!!! jk

i do water changes weekly and top of when it gets below half an inch (usualy 2-3 times a week, MH light is hot)

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