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CowgirlFishKeeper 06-20-2010 08:41 PM

Your Reccommendation?
Hello, my husband and I are thinking of getting a pair of seahorses in the near future. We just can't decide what breed, and what would best suit our tank. We've got a 33 gallon Hex tank, fully cycled, and parameters are fine. I do have one small powerhead, but it doesn't give off as strong a flow as some I've seen. What breed would you personally recommend for us? We are beginners but are more than willing to do the work involved. I'm more or less shifting between Zulu-lulu, Mustang, Yellow, Northern, or a smaller breed, but I have found little to no information regarding the specifics on what breeds for what size of tanks per pair...

SO! I would like your input on the "best" breed!

PS, we know the basics on how to care for them and not to use brine shrimp and to use enriched foods such as supreme mysis and the like, and that they need to be fed twice to three times a day, and there needs to be a fasting day once a week, and that mustangs are considered among the most hardy, and how to pick them and the like...I'd just like to know what the masses here believe is the "best" horse for our size and type of tank. Things I'd LIKE to know though are things like life span and size, that would help.

Thank you so much! :)

teddyzaper 06-20-2010 09:07 PM

kind of off topic but in your signature you say you want something red, i would chose a hawkfish of some sort.

oh and also, i believe that smaller is better for seahorses

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