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Zeetrain 06-20-2010 04:17 PM

Fry Questions
Will a Guppy eat their own fry? Also would a Gold Barb or a Zebra Danio eat Guppy fry?

kitten_penang 06-21-2010 11:19 AM

if their moms will eat them anything else that can catch them will.always seperate once born.

PinkieGourami 06-22-2010 03:56 PM

Most fish, given the opportunity, will eat live fry. This includes the mothers. If you are looking to breed livebearers, make sure you have sufficient places for the fry to hide, or buy a floating fry keeper or net to keep them safe until they are large enough to be released into the main tank.

Kristina10 07-07-2010 07:29 PM

i always seperate them at birth and once there big enough i pop them in the big tank.
So they've got to be a decent size before you add them to the main tank.
When i was new to breeding livebearers i put my fry in to early and my neon tetras and my adult guppies started to think it was dinner time and only some survived.
Just the other day my swordtail had 14 fry and i put them in a fry net.
hope i helped :-)

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