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Falina 03-26-2007 06:37 PM

blind cave tetra part 2
i eventually got my 2 blind cave tetras and theyre pretty cool. they might not be very "pretty" but i reckon they make up for that in so many other ways.

just as a wee kinda aside to everyone - when thinking about getting a clean up crew (shrimps cories etc) think about these blind cave tetras. i know theyre tatras and arent typically a clean up crew - but since having them my tank has never been cleaner. i think its because they have no eyes they can small better or someting because they find every last scrap of food in the gravel and eat it, much better than any of my cories do.

they also seem to be quite resistant to disease as i have a bad case of white spot in my tank just now and these are the only 2 100% completely unaffacted, while others are covered in the spots from head to tip of tail.

theyre also very entertaining because they are extremely active, but are peaceful and have never once tried to nip anyone fins, or annoy anyone at all which i think is unusual for tetras. they also grow a lot bigger than most tetras (4" i believe) so arent going to get eaten like neons or cardinals might.

so basically, i just wanted to let you know that theyre a great wee fish, and i recommend them to everyone if youre thinking about getting more fish for your community tank

leifthebunny 03-26-2007 09:23 PM

Will need to remember about these fish. :)

Falina 03-27-2007 02:44 AM

i dont think theyre very popular because theyre not the prettiest fish, and will often be overlooked because of that when fish stores do get them in. i remember where i got mine there were 12 in the tank, i went back over a week later an there were still 12, i got 2, and now over a week later there are still 10. the woman selling me them said that not many people buy them either which is why i decided to post this thread, to "spread the word" as you might call it

if you do decide to get some, let me know how they get on :)

as i dont have a camera i havent posted pictures but my mum is going to elt me borrow hers however, i am going to wait until the white spot has cleared up in my tank before i take any pictures, as id like to just get pictures of them all while i have it. as soon as i take pictures though i will post them so everyone can see these unusual fish

GalaxyGirl 03-27-2007 08:16 PM

How big do they get? Maybe I could put some in with mine when I get another tank =D

Falina 03-27-2007 08:27 PM


How big do they get?
4" is about the maximum they will grow to, but most grow to between 3" and 3.5"


Maybe I could put some in with mine when I get another tank =D
upto you obviously but i strongly recommend them. they are able to take a variety of ph/hardness so are compatable with most fish that way.

i have called mine fran and anna, dont know if its a male and female - ive no idea how to sex them, but i liked the names anyway, and they are amongst my favourite fish :)

tophat665 03-27-2007 09:05 PM

I always thought it would be really neat to make a tank with a sort of epoxy cave motif in dark red-brown and grey, and put black gravel down in the bottom of it, light it purely with red and blue LEDs and keep a school of a half dozen BCTs, a shoal of Albino Cories, and an Albino bristlenose. Say a 37 gallon, since there wouldn't be any plants to help it along.

Trishfish 03-27-2007 09:16 PM

Glad to hear you're enjoying them so much. I always look at them and there always seems to be a surplus. Do you rearrange your tank for them for more open swimming space or leave it the same?

lioness501 03-28-2007 03:13 AM

i myself am into the pretty fish! i have seen lots of these and i simply couldnt buy them cos i really dont like the look of them, they creep me out! i have a thing for albinos too, i couldnt have any! i have 1 albino glow light tetra and hes so ugly! but i cant get rid cos out of 5 hes the only survivor!! im pretty shallow wen it comes to the colouring of the fish :(

Falina 03-28-2007 01:54 PM

im actually less into pretty fish and more into obscure looking fish lol but thats just me


Do you rearrange your tank for them for more open swimming space or leave it the same?
my tank had a lot of open swimming space to begin with as i like the tank in such a way that i can actually see the fish so i didnt change it at all. i know that fish do like plants and spaces to hide thoguh so what ive done is ive planted both ends of the tank, leaving an "openess" in the middle, and added some bogwood in at the back so they have caves and plants, but also they can swim about. even thoguh they have no eyes, they seem to navigate very well. i have never seen them bumping into anything once.

Amphitrite 03-28-2007 02:46 PM

Looking forward to seeing the pictures Julie. Where did you get them? I don't remember seeing them for sale in the city centre before. :)

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