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Sadie 03-25-2007 11:03 PM

betta and gouramis
Do male Bettas and Gouramis get along?? I was thinking of getting a Betta to help with the new frye when they arrive.

Right now in a 10gal I have 1 Honey Gourami (very docile, 1 male Red Wag Platy (also very docile), and 2 Otos. I don't think the current occupants will bother a male but how about my long term goal when these will all be move before the end of the summer(hopefully) to a 29gal when I will move my Yo-yo loach from the other tank and probably add a pair or 2 of other Gouramis?? I am also wondering if the betta will have a problem with the Platy since he is red-orange?

If this won't work is there something that will work in the small tank to get started but later be compatable in a larger tank with more Gouramis and the loach?

Thanks Sadie

Lupin 03-26-2007 01:53 AM

Bettas and gouramis will not get along. Both are anabantids and are often known to defend their territories. Also, their brilliant coloration often offset each other causing them to fight.

The betta, however, shouldn't bother the platy but it comes down to what betta you choose. Most are rather aggressive and will direct it towards other species despite their big differences in terms of coloration and appearance.

Your yoyo loach and gourami will be fine with a lot of shoaling fish. Harlequin rasboras are among them.

Sadie 03-26-2007 08:43 AM

thanks, I was afraid of that, I was definitely afraid of the red Platy being beat up on since he's such wuss anyway...I going book shopping. I have 5 or 6 and they all talk about how to care for the particular species and and a little bit about tanks and all that but nothing really says: Hey I'm good with those guys over there.. :D or Hey want to move in with me??

Rue 03-26-2007 05:08 PM

I have some rosy tetras in with my 4 bettas in my community tank...

I was a bit worried at the start, since they're the long-finned variety...but it hasn't been an issues...the bettas stay at the top of the tank and the rosy tetras hang around the botttom 1/2 of the tank...

They don't look half bad together either...

...just another option...

...the zebra danios aren't bothering the bettas either...

Miss_DirtyPoo 04-06-2007 11:47 PM

It's already been answered, but this is one of a handful of things I actually know about from experience! YAY! haha

I put my betta in my community tank briefly to see how he would get on with the others in the tank. I was right there with the net ready to remove him if there was an issue, of course.

He got on well with everyone until my big bad male gourami came into view. Then all hell broke loose.

Actually, as we speak my female gourami is being a jerk to everyoen in my tank, and she usually isn't. Odd haha.

Reun 04-08-2007 04:10 PM

some people get lucky and keep bettas in large numbers or in with gouramis...this IS a bad idea...heck, bettas often kill tetras just because they look similar to a beta. Gourami males and Betta males in the wild fight and kill is how things work. They have had some of those instincts dilluted by imbreeding for colors by fish breeders, but the behavior still manifests itself.

So, no betta with the gourami. Also, it isn't so much the color that attracts betta's as it is the body shape. long fins and fish close to the bettas size are bad news. Even if I wasn't worried about your gourami and betta killing eachother, I would be worried about your platy...its the right size for the betta to consider it a threat.

I would hold off on any more fish till you get them in your bigger tank. at that time look into adding a couple more ottos, and maybe a small school of tetras. Make sure when you get the tetras do not get small ones such as neons or ember tetras, make sure they are lemon tetras are or larger (over 1.25" and full bodied). Smaller tetras could get easilly bullied and stressed by your gourami. Also, get a full school of them (6 or more) otherwise they will be a school of 6 or more lemons don't get bullied. I have had bettas and gouramis at differant times in my community tank, and the lemons are the bosses,lol.

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