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hutch32804 06-16-2010 04:53 PM

Vertically Floating Chichlid
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Hello all,

So this is my first post about Chichlids, I just enherited a tankfull this past Sunday. After the move from the previous location to my house one of the chichlids (I believe a Blue Dolphin Chichlid) accidentally flopped out of the net and landed on a rock with only a 1/2 inch of water for cushion.

The fish seemed to be OK, but within a day he started floating almost vertically and didn't swim unless the other fish wanted to play with him. Unforunately his condition appears to have gotten worse as it's no been laying on one of the rocks for almost 24 hours and appears to be dying since he's barely moving and breathing as little as possible.

My question is this; yesterday when I returned home from work he appeared to have some white stringy threads growing from his body. No other fish in the tank are acting abnormally or exhibit this symptom. I don't know if this characteristic started because he's degrading or if it's bacteria or fungi related.

Unfortunately I have not had the time because of work to have the water tested, but that's on the agenda for tomorrow, I will be taking the day off for that and other tasks.

I have attached some pictures, though they are not the best quality. You can see the 'threading' right above his eyes on his forehead.

Does anyone know what could cause these 'white threads' and should I be concernced for the other fish that are in the tank currently?

rrcoolj 06-16-2010 07:46 PM

That fish looks awfull! It is a mbuna not a blue dolphin(haplichromis). It looks like a female kenyi or maybe a hybrid? Byt the way despite what you see I doubt the fish were playing it might have been aggression. Now it looks like your fish has the dreaded malawi bloat. You must act fast to cure it. Here is a link on treatment.

It is caused by insuffecient diet and heavy stress. I hope he(she?) pulls throguh for you. Good luck!

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