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cpl corndog 06-15-2010 12:53 AM

SO a few questions with dosing. Currently I'm having problems keeping Calcium up and now same with my PH.

-Problem #1
My Calcium is sitting somewhere around 380-400 and I'm been using Kent Liquid Calcium everyday and steel will not raise up. It reads 1-5ml per 50 Gallons. and I've been putting in 20ml for my 150 gallon tank with 30 gal sump. Is there something else I should be doing?

- Problem #2
I was using Seachem Reef Builder to raise my Carbonate Alkalinity but then my Alkalinity got out of control, so i stopped and now my Alkalinity is holding at about 11 but now my PH is dropping. So I started using Seachem Marine Buffer (going to switch to REEF Buffer) and it raises it but will not hold, so I'm always adding it in. My question is this; Is there something that I can use to correct this problem or do i need to use these two products (Reef Builder and Reef Buffer) to raise the numbers separately?

Info Question #1:
How important is it to use Strontium in a reef aquarium with light load fish tank? And how important is it for heavy load Fish tank?

Info Question #2:
My Phosphate's are constantly at .50 PPM and I don't have a problem with algae and everything seems to be OK. Is there some type of long term negative affect with having a Phosphate count at .50 PPM?

onefish2fish 06-15-2010 11:12 AM

is this a reef?
i suggest a 2 part calcium/alk suppliment. go by your TEST results, not what the bottle suggests. you can use the bottles dosage as a guideline, but your test results are what will help your determine how much of each you need. i also wouldnt add more then what the bottle suggest in given time period.
if your not testing for strontium then dont dose it.

as for algaes, you mention sump... does this contain any macroalgaes? if so, they are most likely feeding on your phos
what is your source water? have you tested that for phos?

cpl corndog 06-15-2010 11:37 AM

Thanks for the reply. Yes it is a reef, in re-guards to what the bottle suggests, I'm putting in the max amount that it says to do, but I'm only touch the thresh hold of 400 for calcium. I'm doing this every day, so should I put in more, or put in less and do it twice a day?

I also do have macroalgae in the sump, my source water comes from my tap, I know I know, before anyone get's all crazy on me I want you to know that I have a whole house filter with an RO system. I tested my RO system water and it is perfect, I also tested my Tap and it is also good except it has a starting KH or 3, which is good for me cause I don't have to supplement the KH that much.

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