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-germ- 03-25-2007 07:28 AM

New to the forum; -germ-
New to the forum, just saying hi and informing you of my trials so far...
Went shopping for a cactus a fortnight ago, came back with three fish, 2 angels one black shark and a tiny aquarium (about 3 us gall)....
So... due to info from a similar forum i no longer have the black shark, i do however have a 65 litre (17 us gall) tank with 3 angels, 2 dwarf gourami and 2 honey gourami.
Hows that for progress.....
I think my main tank is cycling but i need as much advice as i can get in various fields. Although i've got the very basics.
Anyway, Cheers, hope to be as much help as i can (if i can) and get just as much help in return.....

Ps; I already know my 65 litre tank is too small.

Daz 03-25-2007 10:49 AM

Hello Germ, The tank has not been cycled pre-introduction of the fish ?

Falina 03-25-2007 03:59 PM

welcome to the forum :)

its good that youve figured out your tank is too small. do you plan on getting a bigger tank for them? angels are lovely fish but id never have them as my main tank is only 35g. some people might say this is big enough for them but i think that many more would not

good luck starting your aquarium

musho3210 03-25-2007 06:11 PM

Welcome to the forum, did you end up getting a cactus the next day or did you get a hamster :P just kidding.

Lupin 03-26-2007 02:39 AM

Welcome to the forum, Germ.:wave:

Amphitrite 03-26-2007 04:42 AM

Hi -germ-, welcome to the forum :)

-germ- 03-29-2007 07:40 AM

Down to one angel now, the 2 dwarves and 2 normal gourami.
New addition is 3 hillstream loaches ( funny little fish)
hopefully my tank will suffice until my angel gets a bit bigger, i know they need lots of space but my gallonage should be 18.5 if they get to full size and i have 17.1 so....
No tank wasn't cycled but it seems like all is well now, me and my gf put about £200 into treatments and filter additions and the fish are healthy and getting along well.
As for the cactus musho, no, i never did get it, maybe i should buy 10 :D
Anyway see you all around.

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