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biokid101 06-13-2010 09:40 PM

hey everyone :) update
well i havent been on in a while and stuff has happened with my fishiess...i moved all my fish to a 10 gallon tank!!!! moms bf got a baby bird and needed my 5 gallon so i bribed him :) lol.still have one fry of each batch except the juveniles...the juvi female gave birth again to one fry and its fighting its way to live..its 4 days old and actually swimming sometimes.both my platy females r not pregnant and idk why?? i have a red wag male and the females r different types of platies...can they mate??? i havent even seen them try! still one adult male guppy and 2 balloon mollies..lost one cory and both snails..the female balloon molly hasnt grown in size..actually i think she is dying cause i found her twice on the flters intake in one day about 2 days ago..she still has a gravid spot tho.when i go to the pet store--if the female balloon molly dies i will get a another female to replace her or 3 female guppies.if a platy dies(i dont think any will but just in case)i will get another prego female...i hope to hear replies from everyone soon :))) tell me if i shud get sumthin else with them

Austin 06-16-2010 06:47 PM

Any type of platy can mate with any type. Sometimes platys not too far along don't really look pregnant... sometimes it is even hard to tell right before they give birth depending on the particular fish. ;) At least, in my experience.

I'd say the balloon molly is pretty much dead... if she's acting funny and getting attached to the intake? :S

Also just so you know I don't see my platies mate a lot, but they keep popping out babies... so the guy must be mating with them (all the babies have bumble bee platy markings like him), but I'm not sure I've had some males not chasing the females, platies seem weird like that. At least my male does chase the females - but rarely. So not sure if yours will make babies or not. He probably does make them pregnant when you're not watching though. One mating can lead to like 3-4 drops so ya.

biokid101 06-17-2010 09:04 AM

well both my male and female balloon molly died yesterday..female was attached to intake and the male just died..maybe cause i didnt have salt or they couldnt stand it without a heater idk but all the other fish seem fine. my bumblebee platy doesnt even have a gravid spot and i can see inside of for my blue spotted platy i can see the gravid spot but she is soo skinny..i rrly want more babies cause i have a bigger tank maybe in a couple days or sumthin i will get 2 female guppys and another prego platy..sound good?
ooo and also im doing survival of the fittest so im not using now breeder net or anything so i wont over populate

Austin 06-18-2010 10:51 PM

Hmmm, weird. Not sure how big your tank was but imo deaths that seemingly have no cause might be from stress so maybe going to the pet store to your house and such. My mollies are fine with NO SALT. You don't really ned it. Depending on how warm your house stays and how large the tank is might be the problem. If your platies can stand the water temperature the mollies probably could too. So idk why they died. As I said some of my platies don't get too fat even right before they have babies so idk. Let me know what happens. :)

biokid101 06-22-2010 11:15 AM

still nothing happened exctiing..i cleaned out the entire tank and added something to clean the water.the platies r all fine but i dont know why they rnt becoming pregnant..but i rlly want to buy another female guppy cause the pet store has ones with full body color and cool tails and i only had female with a one color juvenile males look rlly nice now..they got black first then yellow and now getting red on their head and tails and i cant wait to see how they look!! i have 9 fry left in all.the male platy looks like its about to die cause while i was trying to get it in the net i accidently pressed his tail up against the glass :((( he panics to much..anyway ill see how things go with money cause i have planty of room in my tank for one or two more fish.

biokid101 06-23-2010 08:00 PM

my male red wag platy died :( it was stuck onto the filter too!

britnyjackson 06-26-2010 09:56 PM

Isn't a 10 gal way to small for all those fishies??

biokid101 06-27-2010 07:25 AM

i dont have that many anymore! i have only 3 adults and i was told i could have like 6 so its not overstocked..everyones telling me that but the fry are only ------ big and by the time they grow up i will have an even bigger tank! so yea i have like 6 fry but thats 9 fish in all in a 10 gallon and i havent had any die by just dying..speaking of that my male gupyy got fat in one day! its bloated..i fed it peas and it ate them but i hope he gets all better cause hes my favorite

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