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Fishnewbie1 06-11-2010 04:01 PM

stocking 45G tank, suggestions welcome
So my 45G tank is finally ready to go. I only stocked a 10G tank before so this is a bit more difficult then the last time I had to do it. My tank temp is currently around 77 degrees(but can change it if needed), and it is decorated with a decent amount of fake plants and rocks and a large piece of drift wood.

Figure for sure I will do:
- 6 to 8 Neon Tetras
- 2 to 4 dwarf Gouramis
-at least one bottom feeder catfish (was thinking either a cory or an albino, though if I do albino what is minimum # I should get, if anyone else has other catfish idea let me know)

Obviously I have room for a decent amount of other fish, and was looking for some suggestions. Hoping to do something other then Platys or Guppies as I have them in my other tank.

Ideally would like to put at least 2 more bigger fish in there (by bigger I mean gets 3inches + ). I know I cant do Cichlids cause of compatibility issues and it seems that Barbs cause issues at times too, so any other suggestions? Figure 2+ bigger fish and then maybe a school of another type of small fish.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

Byron 06-11-2010 07:23 PM

First consideration is your water parameters (pH and hardness). While many fish can adapt to some extent, there are those that can't and there are some like livebearers that simply always do better in basic (harder) water.

Have a read of the "sticky" on fish compatibility, there's a lot of info in it, at the head of this section, but here's a direct link:

On the corydoras, they are shoaling fish that must be in a group to be healthy (shoaling fish will be under constant stress on their own or even if just 2); 3+ is the minimum for any of the corys. Same holds for the loaches, another suitable bottom fish; some of these can get large though, so only a few species are suitable for a 30g. Single fish for the bottom do exist, there are some of the plecos that remain 3-4 inches (avoid those that get 18-24 inches plus). Again, consideration must be given to water parameters, and also filter flow as some need current, others do not. Compatibility has many aspects.

For the "larger" fish, some dwarf cichlids might do well, depending upon water again. Or gourami. Angels need more than a 45g in my opinion. Have a look at our fish profiles section for some ideas; any questions that arise from those we will certainly answer.


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