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sixers229 06-11-2010 02:23 PM

Corals for Beginner
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The guy at my local fish store gave me a few corals for free. I have a 12 gallon eclipse tank with 13w 5500k lighting. I just ordered a 13w 50/50 bulb. I have two clowns, two damsels, some snails, a few hermit crabs, and a serpent star. I am new to corals but I read up that you use super glue to attach the frags to your live rock. I attached two of the mushrooms and the rest were just lodged in between rocks. He gave me two kenya trees, some mushrooms, and polyps. I attached some pics. I just got done cleaning tank and changing water when pic was taken. Am I doing everything correctly? I plan on getting some more live rock and possibly an anemone and more corals. Any comments or suggestions?

sixers229 06-11-2010 02:50 PM

bearwithfish 06-11-2010 09:51 PM

1st off welcome to TFK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you got a reallllllllllyy good deal there ;) !! so as for what you are doing right yes superglue is fine and they look well placed.. i would recomend a powerhead or two for flow in general (pix not real clear if you have any) and i would work towards better lighting.... 50/50 is ok for some starter corals like softies and some of the zoa's but if you want to get int the more exotic ones down the road you want 10k lighting or more!!!! and Actinic lighting really helps bring out the color.. hope this helps and again welcome

sixers229 06-12-2010 12:35 AM

Yea the 50/50 light is 10,000k and actinic i think. How quickly do these things grow? I plan on adding more live rock - are there any other corals I should look to get? Is a bubble tip anemone compatible with the corals? I have a the power head that came with the eclipse kit.

teddyzaper 06-12-2010 12:15 PM

i would take out the filter, because it will trap nitrates and stuff. did you read the 101 how freshwater filtration differs from freshwater? if not here is a link This will be a good read for you. if you already know them im sorry, its just the eclipse hoods have those filters in them. oh and that powerhead blows around the rocks right?

i didnt know you can super glue them, i thought super glue was toxic. did you use aquarium glue because i know there is that stuff.

sixers229 06-12-2010 01:23 PM

I am not exactly sure how to explain the system so here is a link to the eclipse manual the second page displays a diagram of the filtration system powerhead etc.

I went to the store today and got two more live rocks and the guy hook me up with some more free corals and hermit crabs lol So i glued them into place. Heres two more pics.

I plan on going back and getting a sailfish tang on Monday to go along with my two clowns and two damsels, I think I will stop adding fish at that point and focus on just building up the reef. Let me know what you think is there any room to add more rock? or should I just let the corals grow. Im not sure I like how the rock is stacked but alot of the corals are glued in place so Im not sure how to fix this, maybe get some smaller live rock and stack it.

I think I am going to start adding some live rock and such to my 5 gallon tank which houses 3 damsels soon.

Let me know what you think any comments would be greatly appreciated I love to learn more as I go.

teddyzaper 06-12-2010 04:02 PM

dont get the tang, it gets to big. dont add any more clowns as they will be agressive towards each other. the two damsels are fine but i wouldnt add anything else other then those and the 2 clowns you already have, thats a lot of fish for a 12 gallon tank already. i only have 1 in my 10 gallon and im fully stocked.

in the filter you should take out the piece of filter material and just add a bag of carbon, also i would take out the biowheel.

you should add more live rock, add until your tank is almost full of it. like 4 inch from the top and like 4 inches wide at least

3 damsels in a 5 gallon wont work at all. they will become to big and the tank will crash because of to much bioload. i wouldnt do any fish in a 5 gallon and just have corals and a shrimp.

you need to get a CUC clean up crew. add hermits and snails to both of your tanks as soon as possible, or else you will have algea everywhere and all the nitrates will spike.

If i was you i would transfer all in the 5 gallon to the 12 gallon and focus on one tank for now because you still have a lot to learn.

Also if your lfs is telling you all these things are ok in your tank, please dont listen to them, come ask us first because they are there for money, we are here to help. sure some of the fish would work, but you cant have all those fish in 1 tank, way to much. i wouldnt put 3 fish of any kind in a tank under 20 gallons personaly, but id say the max for a 12 gallon is 2-4.

Please dont take this as an insult i just want to make sure you dont do the wrong thing because i hate to see people quit because its "to much work", when in reallity if you set it up right all you gotta do is some cleaning and feeding. i spend maybe 2 min a day on 1 saltwater and 2 freshwater tanks, and like 1 hr on saturday for cleaning and water changes.

teddyzaper 06-12-2010 04:03 PM

oh my i just noticed you already have 4 fish. do not add any more please, it will become way to crowded. if you need some more movement, snails, shrimp, and hermit crabs are a good choice. also you can add some corals that move around in the water. please dont add any more fish i beg you!

sixers229 06-13-2010 12:42 AM

advice taken. I already have 4 large peices of live rock with corals attached. Should I buy some dry rock and stack the live rock on top since the corals are already attached or just buy more rock and try to re stack things to look nice?

Where can I get carbon? Why should I take out the bio wheel, i understand the filter because it traps particles that can be harmful.

teddyzaper 06-13-2010 01:13 AM

the biowheel isnt useful and will also trap materials, if its to loud withought it you can leave it in and rinse with aquarium water.

You can go either way for the rock, base rock will eventualy turn into live rock so you chose. just i would get as much as looks good.

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