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cpl corndog 06-11-2010 12:44 AM

Hamilton Halide's
So I have a few questions about these lights. I have a 150G bowfront tank and I custom built a canopy for it, and ordered and placed 3 150watt 14k halides in it. Tank depth is about 24".

Question 1 - How high off the water should they be placed?
Question 2 - Is it possible to have too much light with these lights?
Question 3 - How does the watts work? when i bought these it said 150Watt with a 14K bulb. When I looked to buy replacement bulbs it shows that a 400Watt double ended would fit. Is it ok to put a 400Watt bulb in the place of a 150Watt? Here is what I have.

If someone or a few people could help that would be great.

wake49 06-11-2010 08:30 AM

A 400-watt bulb will fit, but it is all about the ballast. Can your ballast support a 400 watt bulb?

cpl corndog 06-11-2010 05:55 PM

hey wake, well I called over to and asked them, they said it will fit but told me never to do that cause of very bad things could happen, lol. So I just upgraded from a 14K to a 21K and hope that helps, I'm also going to bring the lights down closer to the water, maybe this will get my corals going.

One more question about heat in the tank. Is it ok to get a flux from 77.7-82.4? everything seems to be ok but not sure if it's stressing them out? What do you think?

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