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Mrmofo 03-24-2007 12:24 AM

slimey coral
i got some LR with some coral and stuff on it, not sure wat exactly they r,hopefully ill get a camera soon and we can all play name the stuff in the fish tank, cause i have NO idea just that it was a bargan on the live rock.but the stuff is making a slime thats very long, i was thinking its stressed and put some of that blue mythadol or somthing in it that i use to acclimate the fish n stop them from long does this process last? and or have i done somthing wrong? the salt is on 1.018 i know its abit low but gonna step it up to about 1.022/23 soon just have to do it slowly due to my invert being sensative to salt changes.hopefully put some pics in a couple of hours but any advise would be awsome.thanks in advance!

Mrmofo 03-24-2007 05:05 AM

caferacermike 03-24-2007 06:44 AM

Those corals are dead and polluting your tank. I'm not sure what the chemical is you added or why you did it. You should never treat the tank, only the affected. As in, you should have removed the coral and treated elsewhere. But I'm sure it was looking like that before the chemical treatment. You are in the stage known as "brown jelly disease". The plate coral, fungia, should be on the sand. Placing it on the rocks will kill it. They swell up at night with flesh and move themselves around. The only motile coral known. By placing it on rocks you allow it to abrade the flesh when it puffs up. Those tiny cuts and scrapes allowed a bacteria infection. That is provided that coral was ever actually alive. Don't throw the skeleton away. Prevent algae from growing on it by placing it in a dark area for about 6 months. Then place it back in the light. They generally will begin to grow again. The chalice, echinopora (sp?) was a nice coral. They have high demands. I'm not sure if there was enough of it left to save.

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