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Mrmofo 03-23-2007 03:47 AM

halide and metal halide is there a differance?
is there a differance between metal halide n just halide? i can get them cheap through work fitting n all and globes up to 500W i think it is, is there a differance between metal halide and just halide? differant ballast or somthing? dont know to much about em just that there good to have for corals n stuff...think i need em since i got some 'live rock' for 12.90 a kg and then the guy said that what was in the live rock was actually a 200 dollar coral but he gave it to me cause the sign was there and it was where it shouldnt n i think i need to upgrade my the end he said that some corals must of been put there by mistake and i got about 500 bucks worth of them for the price of 15kg of live rock which i purchased today. so if anyone could give me an explination between the differances id be really appreciative thanks.hope to find a camera so i can show off my 6 hour work i did today on remodeling my entire aquarium!

Melissa 03-23-2007 06:11 AM

they are the same lights i believe people just refer to them differently. like halides, metal halides, mh's for example.

caferacermike 03-23-2007 06:49 AM

Make sure you aren't confusing halogen with halides. Metal halide and halide are the same thing, just being lazy. There is a difference with some MH set ups built just for tanks over building supply ones. You can in fact use HDepot style MH fixtures and ballasts for your tank, you can't get bulbs at Hdepot though as they are completely out of spectrum. First you must make absolutely sure that you can run your set up horizontal as most MH commercial units are set as pendants. Most retrofit MH aquarium kits are designed with a proper reflector for what we are doing and a horizontal run. Hdepot style units use inefficient magnetic ballasts. Aquarium style mag ballasts can be bought that are efficient. I recommend getting electronic ballasts to save electricity and make your bulbs run smoother. Icecap is my preferred brand of ballast.

The main reason to avoid building material MH is the bad reflector, or no reflector at all.

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