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giarc721 03-22-2007 06:55 PM

In my 29 gallon tank, i have 6 Red Eye Tetras, 6 Cardinal Tetras, 3 YoYo Loaches, and 2 Molly Fry. If I am not overstocked, does anyone have any suggestions as to what else would go good in here? thanks.

Falina 03-22-2007 07:53 PM

i wouldnt say youre overstocked no, thoguh i wouldnt put much more in. however since you asked, i will recommend a few cories. my favourite little fish, and theyre a decent clean up crew as well :)

tophat665 03-24-2007 10:00 AM

Are you overstocked now? No. Are you overstocked at full growth for all inhabitants, maybe. In a heavily planted tank, you'll be right at the edge of overstocked based on an adjusted inch/gallon rule - max size&factor as follow: Red Eye - 2.75"/1, Cardinals 2"/.75, Yoyo Loaches 5"/1.5 (semi aggressive), Mollies 2.5/1 (generous - if they're sailfin males, they can be up to 5"). Total of 53" equivalent.

The yoyos, as an active, semi aggressive, medium sized fish are the ones that are really giving you a problem. Most people don't realize that they get as large as they do. Also, Red Eyes are large tetras (small characins, but large for tetras) and more nippy than most (Less that Serpae, Buenos Aires, and Exodon - more than pretty much any or the rest. Such is the literature - in my experience they have been relatively mild mannered - say on par with black skirts). In a non planted tank, I'd take out the loaches and mollies and add six panda cories (or one of the other species that stays 2" or less). In a planted tank, I'd still take out the mollies, and I would see if I could convince my LFS to trade me straight up the Yoyos for B. striata - 3.5", non aggressive (for a loach), and maybe get an albino bristlenosed pleco

formyfish 04-16-2007 04:09 PM

nice fish
I wouldn't say you are overstocked at the moment but you may be in the future. Good pick on the tetras, love those fish.

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