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TexasTanker 06-07-2010 10:59 AM

The 16 Gallon Build(s)
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I'm getting started on my kid's tanks. Since this is part of the curriculum I made for the kids I'm attempting to integrate as much as possible into it. With the big 55 gallon Texas tank we were able to integrate Cinco de Mayo, Davey Crockett, family history, and some basic Texas History. NOW One tank will be "Scotland" and the other will be "North Africa"

Below are pics of the Scotland tank and once I get the Africa started I'll post those. Hopefully, I'll be able to include the factoids that relate to it. The scotland tank will introduce them to the various standing stone and circles throughout the country side. Then we'll segway that into the myths and legends of Scotland. We're also constructing our own "cairn" to put in the tank. And no lesson would be complete without a mythical creature, water horse, water bull, kelpie, that hasn't been settled yet. Hope ya'll enjoy the tanks and the lessons.

heartagramette 06-07-2010 11:16 PM

wow looks really neutral and chill =]

TexasTanker 06-08-2010 08:22 AM

Standing in line at LFS with cart full of "africa" decor: "Mom, I want to do Asia instead."

Thanks kid. Luckily Scotland is ready for water and Asia is back on the drawing board.

I was going to various ferns for Scotland. What are some "Asia plants" ?

bearwithfish 06-08-2010 08:28 AM

bamboo would do very nicely in your tank for an Asian theme... :)

TexasTanker 06-08-2010 12:28 PM

Updated pics of Scotland and the Far East
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We went with an Asian theme for the second tank; and put in the last of the decor for the Scotland tank. I'm hoping to find something specifically Korean to place in the tank. Anyhow, here's the progress.

bearwithfish 06-08-2010 12:30 PM

they are looking good!!!

Tomsk 06-08-2010 05:56 PM

What fish are going into the scottish tank?.Maybe some of the multi coloured tailed guppys to look like plaid or the tartan of the scottish clans (I wont start the historical argument about tartan is actually a english invention imposed on the scots during the 18th century etc :-?).Or some leopard danios that look like salmon (famous in Pitlochry etc)
You could add some purple plants to look like heather plants,or an ornament that looks like "Nessie" the Loch Ness monster.


bearwithfish 06-08-2010 06:50 PM

now that is a sweet idea!!!!!!!!

zof 06-08-2010 06:58 PM

I think you got the tanks switched.... the gravel in Scottish looks yin/yang heh, also green gravel might go very well for Scottish since it is one of those places that has just rolling hills of green.

TexasTanker 06-08-2010 07:52 PM

The black is to offset the ferns and grasses that I'm planting back there. And the shape reminded me of some cliffs I saw when flying into Iverness. So much of the landscape had shape and texture I thought it was appropriate. I know what you mean though. My kids said the same thing.

The Asia tank has the black up front to contrast the colors that are going in the tank, reds, blues, yellows, greens. and is significant of the "land of the rising sun".

Scotland is most likely getting black neon tetra, since my son is in a "everything black" stage. I honestly thought I would get a few more years before he went all doom and gloom. I'd also like to put some bottom fish and a betta in there. I saw a betta at the store the other day. Blue and white and I swear the tail resembled the St. Andrews cross. Had I the room I would have snatched him up. Maybe he'll still be there when we're ready. I'm all about waiting for the perfect fish, so if not, we'll wait. I was hoping the LFS had small oriental dragons that I could modify and paint to look like nessy, but alas they only had huge ones. We settled for a small green dragon.

I'm looking at the various "Asiatic" plants right now. I'm not sure what I want to place in there other than bamboo. That tank will most likely have Blue neon tetra, some bottom fish, and another Betta.

I am open to non-aggressive stocking suggestions. Since my big tank will undoubtedly become home if something should befall one of their tanks I'd like to keep it simple and compatible.


one decent size school of small schoaling fish.
Something ornate and size appropriate that will compliment the theme and colors,
and a bottom fish(es) that can withstand the lighting, will utilize the built in shade, and will be effective in reducing algae.

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