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Angel079 06-04-2010 08:01 AM

Grrrr to all you summer break pet drop of people
Ya'll know I LOVE my new found home; but what I hate with a passion is all them city folks driving out here the minute summer break starts and dropping off all their dogs & cats that are "in the way"

So lemme tell these folks that do that kinda BS there's plenty of County, State and non profit no kill shelters out here GO AND SURRENDER your pet there!?
Place a free add online and give them away for free!?
Maybe ask a neighbor to feed your critters when you;re gone for 2 weeks!?

Quit dropping them of out here and just leaving them to themselves & the coyotes to 'see what's happening' or I'm gonna get your butts and stick you out here in the woods nicely marinaded for the coyotes - How would you drop of people like THAT!?

TexasTanker 06-04-2010 11:10 AM

My brother in law has a similar problem. One of the drop offs was a 2 year old pure breed Standard poodle. She was in bad shape when she was dumped. I met her a year after the dump and on a whim I borrowed a scanner and sure enough got her microchip info. In addition to the owner info I was also able to locate her breeder. Wanna hear the kicker. BOTH of her parents are still active in show and agility, BOTH are champions that have even competed internationally. She was sold for **$8000** and dumped 17 months later.

I used my resources (I was an animal cruelty investigator at the time) and contacted the owners. They said their home had been foreclosed on and could not afford the shipping back to her breeder.

I added some misery to their lives by making sure they were cited for neglect, illegal dumping (sad I know) and cruelty. They are now barred from owning ANY pets for another two years and had to pay 2k in fines.

I know I should feel bad for making their lives so difficult and I wouldn't have had I not checked and found them happily in the same house they registered her to, with a labrador puppy, a boat, an RV and three $70k cars in the driveway.

Some people are just frivileous wastes of space. FYI the lab was returned to his breeder without incident following the judgement.

SOOOOO, needless to say I feel your pain, and you should take some sollace that there are people out there working to attack the problem and not just the symptom.

Nelly is still with my BIL and improving. She is still afraid of being indoors with men around, (unfortunately we found out too late she wasn't spayed and my champion lab knocked her up), they kept one of her twelve puppies and they are best friends, she is happy having full access to five acres, a climate controlled shed that has been converted to her own house, and I worked with her for three months training her to do agility. Her new kids (human) now work with her three times a week on it.

My guess is she got into puberty and they didn't wanna make the effort to train her. Instead they locked her outside and abused her physically when she revolted. Just goes to show that money and breeding don't make the perfect dog or the perfect human. That requires a little work.

Angel079 06-04-2010 01:29 PM

TX I honestly think if you county (who's totally NO HELP to me whatsoever) would care like you and collect the pet's and check for chips and fine the folks something would change. But the county doesn't even care; they don't even come out here any more if you call them, they just leave them here and let them do their thing and turn into wild packs and I don't have to explain you what wild packs of ex-house dogs do to you, your kids, you LOVED pets etc.....Its a dang mess; feels like battling a storm alone every summer all over again....It is so sad...honestly if I'd had known that before I moved here I prop wouldn't have moved out here cause I feel so helpless...(not to mention the scary attack parts last year towards my own 2 baby's...)

TexasTanker 06-04-2010 05:05 PM

Unfortunately, I get it. That was not in my own jurisdiction and i had to pull strings and irritate people. The only reason it went as far as it did is because I was able to reassure the powers that be that they would have a successful prosecution. Money tends to be the bottom line.

My story turned out well but it took several months of haggling with the local municipalities and Sheriff's departments to get something done. It is not the norm. They only seemed interested after I had wrapped a tight little bow worth $2000 on it.

There are a lot of rescue groups that are doing much the same thing I did. However their efforts to capture these animals are often hampered by Federal statutes that limit the use of live traps for dogs in regions populated by indigenous dog or big cat species. Another hitch is funding. Grants are available but sometimes those grants get usurped by agencies that use the money to do extraneous rehabilitation of non essential animals. Imagine spending a thousand dollars to rehabilitate a beagle. I'm sure that dog will go on to be a great pet for the family that adopts him and he will be loved. But that same amount of money could be used to remove, vaccinate, neuter, and home fifteen animals from conditions much like what the ones in your area are in.

Agencies across the country are struggling to balance the stupid demands of politicians, the needs of the community, and the reality of the state of animal welfare that the general public seems content to ignore. Usually, workers in similar positions as I was in are indoctrinated into a live and let live, do the minimum, or lose your job mind set. Few are actually qualified to do their job and even fewer are as resourceful as they could be.

I am still disgusted by the people I often had to work with who would shrug and put my taskings at the bottom of the list because of money or politics, in spite of being offered low cost and effective methods to deal.

For your situation, since the authorities are useless, I'd suggest a different approach. I call it animal warfare. Usually dumpers pick seemingly secluded areas and do a dry run to locate a good area. I would locate those spots in your vicinity and put up signs. "This area is video monitored", even "Smile, you're on Camera." Additionally, I'd suggest putting up "No animal dumping signs" with a subtext of "stray animals will be euthanized and dumpers will be prosecuted".

The second wave, would be locating a civillian animal welfare agency that would be willing to capture, scan and relocate these animals. It is not easy and you will have to be creative. Usually calling and talking to the first person that answers will not work. A well worded letter sighting your fear for your own pets, the children, livestock, and ecosystem in your area, as well as an offer to be cooperative in locating these critters, will go a long way.

The third wave would be advertising your efforts. Craigslist is a good starting point. Advertise that a handful of citizens in your general vicinity have banded together to capture illegal dumpers and are utilizing cameras, and a form of neighborhood watch. Write a well worded letter to the editor of your local paper (under 500 words) sighting an incident of a pet being attacked by a feral dump dog and how the citizenry has stepped up and is dedicated to stopping this cruelty with cameras and "other methods".

If you can get an animal welfare agency on board, tell them that you intend to get the news media involved in tracking their efforts and ask if they would accept any donations such coverage might generate.

Its seems like a lot of work and unfortunately, across the US people are having to either ignore the problem or take up the initiative themselves. It is not fair and it shines a light on ineffective law enforcement, but sometimes it is the only approach that stands to work.

I did this very thing at my dad's house. (He lives in the backwoods and had dogs dumped regularly). With the added threat of being caught and the publicity that it generated he went from hosting up to a dozen dogs a year to only one or two that he captures and relocates himself. It took about four days to make and post the signs ($45), put ads in the papers ($14) and locate a veterinarian that would catch any strays my dad located. In the four years the vet has never been needed and word has gotten out and others in the area have done much the same thing.

xrayjeeper83 06-04-2010 05:33 PM

that is always hard to deal with. Im dying to get a dog right now, have been with out one for a month and half. And it sucks to know people are just dumping 8000 dollar dogs on the side of the road

Angel079 06-06-2010 05:29 PM

Funny you say that about the camera I had the same idea last year to use one of our old b/w surveillance cam's since the "favorite spot" is right on a curve by the Barn.
We actually have 2 no kill non profit organizations here on top of what the county & city have but Govt run or not non them wanna help ain't that crazy? They claim there's enough work to be done in city limits and they don't bother outside city limits, which for the city run shelters I can see that but the volunteer no kill shelters I don't get I thought their goal is to safe all animals.....frustrating.....

TexasTanker 06-06-2010 07:34 PM

[QUOTE=Angel079;398610} but the volunteer no kill shelters I don't get I thought their goal is to safe all animals.....frustrating.....[/QUOTE]

I just wrote another gazillion word essay and it occured to me that all of this comes down to one thing. People are stupid. The human aspect of animal rescue is largely ignored because no one wants to be the guy that stands up and says "The public consists of morons, and they need their hands held constantly to get things done." Instead they dally about playing their territorial politico games, trying to be the best, outpace one another, but they ignore so much in the process that they rate only slightly higher than the people who fail to be responsible with their pets to begin with.

I think the word "rescue" is a flaw. SAR swimmers rescue, Fire fighters rescue, EMS rescues, BUT animal rescues.... they're taking credit for something they didn't do. They handpick animals from shelters based on breed, size, and adoptability. You don't see firefighters refusing to rescue poor people, or the Coast Guard shrugging at a capsized boat full of foreigners.

A true rescue group would be coordinating with your animal control and Sheriff's departments to help capture loose animals in any location and they would be offering to help place shelter animals while housing/adopting out ones they pull from the street.

I'm afraid to say that having worked as a cruelty investigator/shelter manager/vet tech/ euthanisia tech I became quite jaded. For all the posturing, bragging, and effort that is expended very little is truly done to deal with the problem at hand. For that, all I can do is shake my head and make sure I am available to offer whatever knowledge or resources I have at my disposal to anyone that may need it. Unlike my contemporaries, I have no problem telling people they are ignorant, and since my job doesn't depend on it, I do as often as possible.

bones14 06-09-2010 09:36 AM

I agree with everything TX and Angel have said.People are stupid and just don't care.I know people who have dropped off animals in the country and can't tell you how mad I get when they talk about it like it's nothing.I'm not one to filter what I say when something gets me going so they've heard exactly what I've thought of it.Angel you get them around your house because the people somehow think it's OK if they drop them off near someone that might take care of them.They don't care that it is a burden for someone else and completely inhumane to the animal.
I've had my own experience with the shelter here being no help when I had a dog that I needed to find a home and they wouldn't take him to adopt out.They didn't even try to put people in touch with me who were looking to adopt.He was already neutered and up to date on all his shots and house broken.A lab mix that was very friendly.Finally my cousin found someone who were wanting a dog and he went to a good home.I think the shelters already have more than they can handle so I can kinda understand their position too but ultimately it all comes back to irresponsible pet owners.

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