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Falina 03-21-2007 08:33 PM

very greedy blind cave tetra
does anyone have blind cave tetras? i bought 2 recently and have noticed that they are extremely greedy. i dont put an awful lot of food in, just a normal amount and its gone in about 5 minutes which is what i should be feeding them i think. however, these 2 wee guys always have such massive bellies after feeding time. they seem to be so greedy and i worry that maybe my other fish arent getting their dinner. i think maybe because they have no eyes they have better sense of smell maybe so can find the food quicker. i dont mind them being a bit greedy - i have a small school of cories and they are greedy, but its a bit beyond a joke with these 2 tetras - they look like they have a bad case of dropsy their bellies are that big, but by morning their bellies are normal size again so i know its just overfeeding.

any suggestions anyone?

i feed flake food most days but bloodworm twice a week for a bit variation. i also put 2 algae wafers in each night for my plec

daisycutter 03-22-2007 08:11 AM

i had them a while back and they would get to food faster than the eyed fish :) its seems natural that a fish that lives in a cave should gorge itself as food would be scarce in nature being greedy is just a response to this so they shouldn't need anymore food than they are getting, less volume and more variation would be an idea

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