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teddyzaper 05-31-2010 07:38 PM

1.25 gallons x2 half sphere tanks!
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Ok so i hope the name isnt to confusing. this will be my build as to how my plants and tank progresses.

So this is what i used to make it all.
Attachment 12828

and here it is!
Attachment 12827

Attachment 12829

Attachment 12830

Attachment 12831

Attachment 12832

So this tank is completly free, i used gravel from an existing tank, plants also from the same tank and i had these vases hanging around, the light is just my old computer lamp.

The plants i have and want:

dwarf onion plant (tall one)
and 2 mystery plants (forgot the names)


So my fish list is very small but here it is:

Right tank:
oto x2
bamboo shrimp

left tank:
neon tetras x4
RCS or other shrimp
oto x2
MAYBE cories x3 (probably to much

I know your thinking "this guys crazy" but i believe i can make this work, i will be buying an under tank heater within this week and ordering plants next week and then adding the fish then shrimp then last the otos.

Once the betta gets bigger i will most likey upgrade to a 3 gallon but the same sphere concept if i can find it.

I will be buying a different bulb tommorrow probably.

xrayjeeper83 05-31-2010 08:01 PM

that seems like over kill big time with such small tanks. Im not sure you will produce enough algae for the oto's to live, ive heard a lot wont eat algae wafers. I think 4 neons would be to many for such a small tank

teddyzaper 05-31-2010 08:21 PM

i understand, but the otos will mow down my algea sheets, i already have 3 and plan to move them to this tank. i do a cup water change every day so i dont really think the neons will die or be stressed. i will vacum with a small vac 1 a week for a .5 gall water change. it will also be quite full of plants.

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