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fiona 09-11-2006 03:01 PM

how long.......................
when i do a part water change iv been told different storys on how long i should wait before i replace it.
iv been told i should let the freash water stand for about an hour, someone else said about 20 mins and then i was told i could put in straight in.
i treat it with a water treatment so it is save for the fish but on waiting for an hour to put the water in it takes a very long time to do water changes.
iv got very confused noe on the best way to do my water changes.
alought i love my fish i dont want to have to wast the best part of 1/2 hrs to cange 20% of the water, any thoughts? :cry:

girlofgod 09-11-2006 03:31 PM

you dont have to wait any amount of time between removing water and adding it back to your tank...most people use some type of siphon and siphon the water from the tank and then use it as a return to put water back INTO the tank, just make sure you treat your water for chlorine/chloramines BEFORE you add it back to your tank, (if you use tap water) i use drinking water/spring water so i dont have to treat it..i just let it sit at room temp and pour it into the tank after i have emptied out however much i need to..also, you probably want the water that you add back to the tank to match the tank water in temperature as close as possible, to prevent stressing/shocking your fish. rule of thumb is to use stress coat any time you do a water change to prevent stressing the fish as well. =)


fiona 09-16-2006 07:35 AM

i do tend to wait bout 10 mins before as i wouldnt want someone to cover me in freezing cold water!!! :wink:

i use a water treatment to make the tap water safe, but i can see where your coming from with the spring water, much easyer.
do you not have to add anything to that?

girlofgod 09-17-2006 05:22 PM

no you shouldnt have to...the ph and alkalinity are already balanced and they contain no harmful chemicals (chlorine/chloramine) so you dont have to treat it. i like to add Stress-Coat to the tank whenever I do a water change to help the fish ..but other than that...also, you want the temp of the clean water to be as close as possible to the water already in your tank or else you will shock your fish and they could die.


fiona 09-18-2006 02:54 PM

yeah i wouldnt put rerally cold water in, it wouldnt be fair on the fish!!!
i think i'll try using spring water, i dont like to keep using chemicals i always think that they could effect the fish ( if thou they are made for fish!!) i think its really good ide. dunno y i have tried it before!!!

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