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dfbiggs 05-29-2010 03:10 PM

Overnight Frosting in My Freshwater tank...what is this white dust or bacteria?
After I had introduced my nerite snails the next morning there was a an oily layer on the top of the water with white foam bubbles around the rim of the tank at the water line. Also all my plants were covered in a white dust. It freaked me out to I did a 30% water change. Is this protein or something..I have never had to deal with that. Hopefully its not a bad thing. According to my parameters taken before the water change the only thing that I could think of is high ammonia or high nitrates but ammonia was barely there or even nonexistent..and nitrates were around 5.0ppm. Also this same morning when I freaked out all my nerites looked to be dead and while I was watching one just dropped off the wall to what i thought was his death because of the water..little did I know Nerites do this..they are all alive and just faking me out..i'm a new nerite mother. Need to get rid of this awful looking dust.

JohnnyD44 05-29-2010 04:08 PM

is there anyway you could post a a pic of the "white dust"...??

If you have a canister filter on your planted tank, the 'oily' looking layer atop your water is normal....I freaked out when I saw it too, most members have it, it comes from the lack of oxygen exchange, as long as it's not superthick, it shouldn't cause a problem....

when you say "barely any" you have an exact reading?? there should be no ammonia present in a fully cycled tank....are you using dip strips or the liquid test kit??

dfbiggs 05-29-2010 05:49 PM

i posted a pic under my aquariums..Iwugami..couldn't figure out how to put it out here

My ammonia has been a prob for me..color matching. It hasn't gone above.25ppm and doesn't really ever look like its quite there. Seems to always be at 0-.25ppm so I dont know if I am actually imagining some green to put it into .25ppm or it is yellow for 0ppm.. I am using a API drop kit. My API pH is being a problem too. I use a regular pH test and I am always at 7.6 then since it is at the top of that scale i use a High Range pH test and i get 8.0. I also have a Live pH monitor it is always the same color..which are all a blend of blues and greens and all look very similar..either I need an eye test or a better kit.

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