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equine731 03-20-2007 02:31 PM

Hey Guys New Here...Question for you...
I have a 10gal tank setup with 1 male dalmation molly who has somewhat or a larger/longer dorsal fin paired to 3 females (1 white with minimul black spotting, 1 black with a silver flecs on its belly, and one greyish with black spots) Also in the tank inside a breeding chamber I have an orange balloon molly that looked way more plump then the rest at the store and a dalmation/black molly who seems a bit more plump then the others)

My first question is exactly how much bigger do they get when you know they are about to have babies, Ive done lots of research some say they get huge some say they have appeared normal or even skinny. Ive looked for gravid spots but on the dark ones its nearly impossible and on the white i cant see anyhting so my bet is shes either not pregnant/inbetween or in very early stages. The orange balloon who was more plump then her tank mates at the stores vent areas seems almost lighter not darker so again its hard to tell.

If any successful breeding happens im assuming the offspring are just going to be a mix bag of colors so to speak sine at the moment im nopt working towards any color variations.

Its been hard to find any pictures of mollys in any stages of pregnancy and since this is my first time with this particular fish im having trouble picking which femals to seperate for minimal fry loss.

Any suggestions links or pictures would be a great help I look forward to hearing from you!! Thanks alot!


jb92 03-20-2007 03:15 PM

with mollies it can be very difficult to see the gravid spot but when they do get ready to give birth they tend to become alot more shy , the only other waye is put her in a breeding chamber when she gets fat.also i find the babies take very long to grow

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